Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend stuff!

I had yet another great weekend! Hoping you all had a great one as well. Friday night I went grocery shopping after work. Woo hoo so exciting I know! I hate grocery shopping, but I feel awesome after I go. It's a great feeling to know that my kitchen is all stocked up with plenty of food and that my house is stocked with all household supplies.

Saturday after work I went to Marshall's and Petco. I purchased two adorable dresses at Marshall's of which one is for my brothers graduation and the other for my cousin's wedding. I love them both! The one I got for my brothers graduation is green and they also make it in baby blue. I am definitely thinking about going back and getting the blue one. Yay! At Petco, I went ahead and purchased Leo's first birthday gifts. I got him two packs of gourmet cookies consisting of peanut butter chocolate and chocolate mint, three toys and a birthday boy bandanna! When I saw the bandanna I could not resist. It's so cute and he is going to look fabulous for his big day! Why yes I am a little obsessed with my dog. He's my only child for now so I have to spoil him.

Today, I got to sleep in FINALLY! It felt amazing! For lunch I met Rachel and Jillian for sushi which was of course delicious! Rachel tried sushi for the first time and I think she might have liked it. Haha! After lunch we drove to VA Beach for some shopping! After shopping we grabbed some yummy Cold stone and then headed back to Hampton. It was a great day with them! I feel so lucky to have met them and I will be so sad to leave them! When I got home I got some cleaning done in the house and I am now watching my Sunday evening shows!

Tomorrow I plan to get some more cleaning done, take both vehicles to get washed and spend some time at the library doing some more Alaskan research and working on this blog more. I am on a quest to change this blog and finally get it the way I want it! No more amateur blogger! :)

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