Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Five!

Happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!

1. Tuesday after work I met Rachel at Chickfila for dinner. Chickfila is one of my favorite restaurants ever and I am sad to say that Alaska does not have ANY Chickfilas! None. Zip. Zilch. I am sad. I had no clue that some states have no Chickfilas. I mean, that should be a crime right? Oh well, I'm sure Alaska will have plenty of awesome seafood restaurants to try.

2. Spring officially started Wednesday and then it snowed on Thursday. Seriously? What is going on with this weather? I think our little groundhog friend lied about his shadow this year. I just want to enjoy spring and summer before having to brace snow every day.

3. Remember the two dresses I bought from Marshall's last week? Well, I went back and bought the light blue colored one that's just like the green one. When I really like an article of clothing I usually will buy it in more than one color. Sometimes if I really really like something I'll buy it in every color they make. I once bought a shirt from H&M and went back to buy the rest of the colors which included five more of that shirt.

4. This weekend in honor of the Real World Portland premiere next week, MTV is doing a Real World marathon of every previous show. Currently I am watching the very first season which was set in New York. Do you want to know how old this season is? I was five when it premiered and I am now twenty six. This season is definitely bringing me back to the 90's right now.

5. My mom and two brothers are coming on Thursday for Easter weekend. I cannot wait to spend the whole weekend with them and both puppies. Then the following weekend I'll be going home for baby Austyn's arrival. That is the plan for now so hopefully Austyn will decide to come around the time I'm coming home. Then after that visit there will only be a week left until Jarrett comes home from deployment! So much excitement over the next three weeks! :)

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