Monday, July 22, 2013

Our week on Instagram

1. Sophie does not like to be held like a baby
2. Not feeling this either
3. Play time on the bed
4. A goodbye photo shoot
 5. The dogs actually looked at the camera
6. Sophie bug
7. My new ornaments
8. My boot camp letters that I found
9. My baby bible that I found
10. Caroline (my SIL) and I at Six Flags #tbt
 11. Tangled on my lunch break
12. The biggest fish n chips ever
13. Banana Caramel cheesecake for dessert
 14. My field hockey days #tbt
15. Jarrett's last day at Fuddruckers before leaving for Air Force boot camp #tbt
16. Jarrett's boot camp graduation picture #tbt
 17. Baby Jarrett and his dad #tbt
18. What it says for my first week away from the store
19. Sleepy boys
20. Cleaning, packing and organizing the house
21. Bye bye master bedroom
22. Peace out guest bedroom
23. Oh, hello there Leo
 24. MIL's good cookin
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Weekend stuff

Happy beginning of the week y'all! Hope your weekend was awesome! My weekend was absolutely exhausting! Friday I worked until five and then came home and did more organizing and cleaning of the house. We also got Wendy's for dinner and I tried that pretzel bacon cheeseburger. OMG that is the best burger in the world. That burger and their strawberry lemonade was the best fast food dinner ever, we'll next to Chickfila that is. Saturday was a repeat of Friday with me working all day and coming home to more moving stuff. We finished organizing the house and started moving the stuff that we are taking with us over to my IL's house! We are staying with them until we leave Virginia on August 1st! We feel like little kids again living with them, but we are lucky to have loving and supportive parents to help us out in the midst of all this craziness!

Sunday we packed up everything that we are taking and took the rest over to the IL's. We then spent the rest of the day getting everything out and organized for the movers. Doing all of this in this summer heat is so tiring! After we were finally done on Sunday we attempted to take Leo to the beach, but of course the beach didn't allow pets from May until September. Really? Yes, that is stupid! So then we just drove around a little and then came back home and took naps! We were spent! Today the movers came and I am so glad everything is all moved out! The pictures above are a complete reaction to how I felt while everything was being moved out! I was happy, scared and nervous all at the same time! This is a nerve recking time for us because we have never been through this before! Now that the moving part is done, we are ready to get going with everything else!

Any other military couples been through this whole moving thing lately?
Anyone live really far away from family?
Anyone suffering through a heat wave like us?
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five

1. Last weekend we started going through the closets and throwing out stuff that we didn't want nor need anymore. While doing this, I finally found Jarrett's letters from boot camp seven years ago! I couldn't believe it! I thought I had lost them because I couldn't even find them at my mom's house. I was sure I had left them in my room at my mom's when I moved to Virginia, but nope, they were in our bedroom closet the whole time! I also found old pictures and a post card that Jarrett had sent me from a deployment in Hawaii! Just reading the letters and looking at the pictures took me back to when we first started dating, and it felt amazing! Let's just say, my husband was quite the romantic in those letters!
2. I finally watched the movie Tangled. I had never seen it before and I LOVED it! I love Disney movies and more so now for some reason. I just love all the Disney princesses! I swear I'm turning into a little girl again! My co-worker Ashley had downloaded Tangled on her iPod and made me start watching it on my lunch break. I loved it from the beginning and rented the movie when I got home from work to finish it! So freaking cute and such a sweet movie! Now the other princess Disney movie that I need to see is Brave! Can't wait to rent it soon!
3. Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty is my favorite! The other night I was doing some more cleaning in our room and of course I had to turn Duck Dynasty on for some cleaning motivation! Uncle Si had me laughing so hard! Uncle Si says the darnedest things! Actually, it doesn't take much for Uncle Si to crack me up! Half of the time he just sits there with a blank look on his face and it's hilarious! If you haven't seen Duck Dynasty yet, you need to! It is my favorite show right now. 
4. This past weekend we had our Christmas in July Ornament Premiere at our store. It was soooo busy and stressful, yet it was a lot of fun. My mom also helped out and had a lot of fun with us! I usually put my ornaments on layaway and I usually buy a lot more , but with the move I just bought the ones that I really really wanted! I love ornaments and I also really love the Barbie and Disney princess ornaments. I usually buy mainly Barbie ornaments, but Hallmark is not selling them anymore because of high price changes made by Mattel! This year I focused on the princess ornaments. 

My favorite ones that I bought were Beautiful Belle and Cinderelly Cinderelly where the mice sing the song "Cinderelly Cinderelly" when you press the button. Soooo adorable! I love it! I also got Beautiful Ballerina where you pull the cord and a ballerina twirls to the song from The Nutcracker and Cookie Cutter Christmas which is the series that I collect! I want to collect a couple of series ornaments so that I can give them to my children in the future! I can't wait to start Christmas traditions with our children! 
5. We got some really neat silicone kitchen stuff in at the store the other day. We got wine stoppers, drink lids, casserole lids, bowl lids and colanders. So neat. My favorite are the wine stoppers. They come in sunflowers, hibiscus flowers and lily pads as the designs. I bought the sunflower and hibiscus flower wine stoppers. I must say, my cute little sunflower stopper looks quite adorable on my wine bottle!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

July quote of the month

Flip-Flops make your toes feel like they're on vacation.
We spend 95% of our time going through the motions of life,
longing and yearning for the 5% that's left over.
We call that 5% "vacation". What if we could capture the concept of vacation
with something so simple as a pair of flip-flops?
We could slip them on, click our heels three times,
and, in the blink of an eye, transport ourselves to a tropical isle...
or a luxury cruise ship... or an ocean boardwalk.
Women everywhere would rally in protest and throw our their sensible pumps.
Flip-flops would become the new dress standard.
The best part is that no matter where you are, you could wiggle your piggies,
show off your pedicure, and turn that 5% into 100%!
Flip-flops just make your toes feel like they're on vacation.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend stuff

Hi all! Hope your weekend was full of family, friends and sunshine. Except for a little rain on Saturday we had a beautiful weekend here in Virginia! It was wonderful! So anyways! My mom left yesterday, but I got to spend another great weekend with her! Friday night Jarrett and I took her out to dinner for her birthday dinner. We went to Cheddar's and of course it was yummy yummy! At midnight I had to go back to work for our Ornament Premiere at the store. Mom came with me and worked at the store too. It was pretty fun having her there! Saturday I worked from early in the morning until five and by five o'clock I was dead to the world! I was exhausted after such a crazy busy day! I came home and then we just stayed in and ordered a movie and pizza. Perfect Saturday night at home.

Sunday, mom and I got lunch, went back to my store to do a little ornament shopping then did a little grocery shopping. Then the in laws came over and we cooked breakfast for dinner. My MIL made turkey bacon and pancakes and my mom made smoked sausage and a huge potato chip omelet courtesy of Rachael Ray! That sucker was enough to feed about six people. So interesting and so good. Later on after dinner Jarrett and I started going through our closets and organizing everything for our move next week. We finished all of our organizing yesterday and tonight and it felt so good to clean and throw out a ton of pointless stuff. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders by getting everything organized! Now all we have to do is pack our stuff for a whole month, get all the pictures off of the walls and get out all of my fragile stuff and we will be ready for the movers on Monday! It's all really coming together! We are going to Alaska!
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our week on Instagram

1. Happy wife, happy life...and puppy // 2. Baby Anna came for a visit // 3. Puppies love Anna
4. Shrimp Po Boy at Cinebistro // 5. My babies watching TV // 6. Gamaw, give me your Whataburger
7. Leo and I at the park // 8. Happy boy at the park // 9. Ending the day with Rita's
10. Waiting nervously at the vet // 11. Jarrett taking pictures of my butt // 12. Bad puppy was put on the TV tray
13. Mom's homemade spaghetti pie // 14. Gimme yo  spaghetti pie // 15. Cracker Barrel chicken and dumplings
16. Rachael Ray's Potato Chip Omelet courtesy of mom// 17. Our breakfast for dinner family dinner // 18. Day one of cleaning, organizing and getting ready for the movers in a week

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My vanity favorites

We have the cutest little built in vanity in our master bedroom of which I am going to miss so much. I am so glad that it came with our town home because I have a lot of products that I use every day and I keep those products on the vanity instead of keeping them in our tiny upstairs bathroom. My vanity has always been my little beauty nook and now I never want to go without a vanity! I must have myself a vanity in Alaska even if I have to go buy one myself. I think every girl should have herself a vanity so she has her own little space to get ready for the day, work, going out with friends or date night. Although I have a ton of products on mine, there are a select few that are my absolute favorite! They range from makeup to nail polish to lotions and sprays to hair products! I have all kinds of products on my vanity

Do you have a cute little vanity too?
What are your favorite beauty products?

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Duck Dynasty love

Jarrett and I love watching shows on A&E, The History Channel, Discovery Channel and TrueTV. We are always finding a good show to watch together and I swear we are old because we rather watch a show about pawn brokers, anything to do with guns or anything to do with fishing or Alaska than anything else! My husband has pretty much turned me into a redneck and it will only get worse when we get to Alaska, but I don't mind at all. I love that Jarrett and I are adventurous, country, rednecks and love a good old country redneck show!
Our latest redneck addiction is Duck Dynasty! LOOOVVVEEE! I have heard so much about the Robertson family and their show, Duck Dynasty, but I just recently started watching their show and I am already hooked! They are the neatest family. They are a normal family running a business together and enjoying it every step of the way, not to mention they are all hilarious and had my mom and I laughing hysterically by the end of the first episode that we watched! They are a faith driven family too which is what I love most about them! It's not very often that you see a family with a love for God surrounding their reality show. You must check them out!
What have you been watching lately?
Do you ever watch any of the channels I listed above?
Have you see Duck Dynasty? If so, don't you find them so amazing?
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend stuff

Hiya all! How was your weekend? Mine was great because my momma is here! She has a week of vacation and she chose to spend it here in Virginia with us, especially since we move this month! Ahhhh crazy, right? Still doesn't seem real, but any who! Mom came down on July Fourth and is staying through Monday so I'm so glad to have her here for a little. Friday night after work, we went to Cancun for some delicious Mexican food and then we went to Rita's for dessert! Jarrett and I pretty much get Rita's and frozen yogurt once a week. We have problems, but it's cool. Jarrett also got his iPhone 5 in the mail, so we spent a lot of time playing with it. Next month I get my iPhone five too! I can't wait! Saturday, I worked and then we stayed in and cooked steaks for dinner. I also came home to a nice bottle of wine from the hubby. He's a little bit wonderful sometimes! After dinner, we watched The Call and it was so good! I love seeing a really bad guy get his butt kicked by a woman! Boo ya! Sunday I got up early and got laundry done. Later on mom and I went out to Walmart and stopped by Schlotzsky's for lunch. Their sandwiches are the best ever! I will miss them! The rest of the day we were basically lazy which is always nice on Sunday!
Did you go to any good restaurants this weekend?
What are your favorite restaurants?
Everyone enjoying their summer so far?
Anyone going on any fun vacations soon?
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our week on Instagram

1. Picture time with mommy/2. Big kisses for Leo
3. Hugs for Leo/4. Love this man with all of my heart
5. Silly time with Leo/6. Silly kisses
7. Sleepy Sophie/8. Snuggle time with mommy
9. My handsome boys/10. Puppy snuggle time
11. Sleeping on dad/12. Double fisting, puppy edition
13. Funny faces/14. Tastykake overload from the in laws
15. Playing with Jarrett's new iPhone 5 camera/16. July Fourth family dinner
17. More funny faces/18. Came home to my favorite bottle of wine from the hubby
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday all! My mom came down yesterday for her week long vacation and we have had a blast since she got here. I am definitely cherishing this week with her for it will be her last visit here before the move. Also, Jarrett and I have moved up the date for when we'll be leaving Virginia. We've decided that since the movers are coming July 22nd and that my vehicle will be shipped the same week, we should just go ahead and drive to Maryland that weekend and stay a little longer there before officially leaving for Alaska. I'm excited about packing all of our stuff, spending quality time with family and friends then just hitting the road for our brand new life chapter!

1. Jarrett's officially done at Langley AFB! Yay! His last day of work was on Wednesday and it is SO good to have him home. Now he refers to himself as a stay at home fur daddy for the time being! Hilarious! So now I don't feel so bad for working a lot until the move. I wanted to work and help out at the store as much as possible before the move so I am working all the way up until we leave. I'm glad at least one of us is home to get a head start on getting things ready and organized! July is going to be the busiest month ever for us!
2. This week I purchased some better skin and makeup products to add to my morning and night skin care routine. I had been meaning to upgrade my routine for a while, but just never really thought about it much until now. I started reading other blogs where they talked about their skin and makeup routines every day and I realized I should probably do more for my skin and do more to make my face look a little better and more refined. I've always worn makeup, but for the longest time I would just wear the usual stuff that didn't take too long to put on in the morning. Maybe I was lazy about taking care of my skin? Yep I was. Now even though I'm having to add a little more time to my morning routine because of the added products, my face looks better and will be healthier because I am taking the time to actually take care of it. Later on, I will share in depth my new routine and maybe you'll find I'm using the same products that you use or that you might want to try the same ones I'm using! Us ladies have to stick together when it comes to taking care of our faces! :P
3. Yesterday was July Fourth and I got to wear my new Old Navy flag tee, jeans and my Asics tennis shoes to work! It was so comfy to wear my Asics all day around the store! I also loved wearing my Old Navy tee. For as long as I can remember I have loved Old Navy flag tees, plus they are so cheap and affordable for everyone! I will probably wear it any time since it's so darn adorable!
4. So, my step father in law has recently started working as a Route Salesman again. Now he is working for Tastykake doing the same job he did years ago. He loves his job and we love it when he brings goodies home. Wednesday when Jarrett got home from work, there was a Tastykake stock pile on our kitchen counter courtesy of Bill. We literally have enough snacks for the entire month. Love it!
5. Today, Jarrett got his IPhone 5 in the mail. Yay we both have iPhones now and now we can do FaceTime during deployments! FaceTime has much better picture quality than Skype, so if we can do FaceTime instead, I will be a lot happier! Of course when you get a new phone you have to spend a lot of time playing with it and getting use to it. Well, this picture of Leo below is a result of him playing with the phone and discovering the app Piclab! He also discovered the Walking Dead app where you can turn yourself into a zombie with your picture. Needless to say, I think he loves having an iPhone!
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day with family and friends. I worked only until three, but at least we were able to wear patriotic shirts and jeans to work! I got the cutest flag tee from Old Navy and I LOVE it! Old Navy literally has the best patriotic tees and they are so cheap too! Sweet! When I got home from work my mom was at the house! She was supposed to come tomorrow, but she decided to come early and spend July 4th with us since she didn't have any plans. She didn't hit any traffic so she got to our house around lunch time. We then got ready around four and went over to the in laws for lots of good food! We had the best evening! After dinner and dessert mom, Jarrett and I went back to our house and mom and I had a couple of drinks. Now we are just hanging out with our pooped puppies. We can usually see the fireworks from our house so we'll probably sneak outside for a little to see them soon!
What were your 4th of July plans?
Did you see any fireworks?
Did you eat a lot of food at a barbecue?
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