Monday, October 8, 2012

Remember what is most important...

Since I started this blog, I have incorporated a lot of quotes and poems within it. I may have mentioned them in a previous post, but these quotes are from my Blue Mountain Arts fridge calendar. Yeah, it may seem silly to dedicate a whole post to a quote on a refrigerator calendar, but it's not. The whole calendar is about giving inspiration each month. I bought the calendar at my store and have been in love with its words ever since. It gives me hope every day, and by sharing the quotes on here, I also plan to give you hope whenever you need it. The following quote is by writer Vickie M. Worsham.
It's not having everything go right;
it's facing whatever goes wrong.
It's not being without fear;
it's having the determination to go in spite of it.
What is most important is not where you stand,
but the direction you're going in.
It's more than never having bad moments;
it's knowing you are always bigger that the moment.
It's believing you have already been given everything
you need to handle life.
It's not being able to rid the world of all its injustices;
it's being able to rise above them.
It's the belief in your heart that there will always be
more good than bad in the world.
Remember to live just this one day
and not add tomorrow's troubles to today/s load.
Remember that every day ends and brings a new tomorrow
full of exciting new things.
Love what you do,
do the best you can,
and always remember
how much you are loved.
-- Vickie M. Worsham
Although I have never heard of any of the writers on the calendar, they are amazing all the same. I love walking in to my kitchen every day and having a calendar like this on my fridge. I just love calendars plain and simple. You turn the page to a new month and there is either a cute picture, a picture of something you love, or words that enter your thoughts. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just look at the quote of the month on my calendar and smile knowing that tomorrow will be a better day. So go out and buy a new calendar. Buy one that inspires you to better tomorrows. Whether it has quotes on it or just a cute picture, you'll be glad you did.

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