Friday, October 12, 2012

Current obsessions and wishes!

I have decided to start a new entry called Current obsessions and wishes. It seems as if I'm ALWAYS obsessed with something. There is always something catching my eye. It could be a new fashion trend, getting a good deal on an item I love, stumbling on a new brand or new store, a specific food or new restaurant opening, or of course, any type of home decor tip. Whatever it may be, I somehow become obsessed, so I thought I might periodically share them with you.
Also, I am constantly making lists of items that I want. I seriously plan out what I'm going to buy each paycheck. Sometimes I feel as if I'm too materialistic because I buy way too many things for myself, plus the husband does too! It's hard to be a woman these days though. There are so many adorable things out there, and I can't help that I like nice things. Lord knows all the things I might purchase once I have a real full time job and a real salary! Ahhh be afraid, be very afraid!
Current Obsessions:
1.) Camouflage Under Armour hoodies
I have been wanting the pink one for about a year now of which Jarrett was going to get it for me last Christmas. Bass Pro was completely sold out of it and so was Under Armour online. Instead, Jarr ended up getting me the black one. I had been dying for a pink camo hoodie, but I loved the black too because it still had the pink camo in it. Bass Pro is one of our favorite stores, so we're in there quit frequently. This past week we visited like we always do and low and behold, they had my pink hoodie. They had four left of which they had one small. Jarrett bought it right then. I was so excited. I love unexpected surprises.
2.) Mudd smocked tops from Kohl's
I absolutely love smocked tops, especially Mudd ones. Mudd has always been one of my favorite affordable brands at Kohl's. I always lean towards the smocked tops because I love that banded feel at the bottom of a top. If you're not a fan of baggy tops, smocked ones are the way to go.
3.) Purses from Kohl's 
My purse obsession has become larger over the past couple years. I love my Vera Bradley, Coach, Dooney and Burke and all the typical high end brands. I also love the purse brands at Kohl's. These two purses were actually given to me by a family friend. One is Simply Vera Vera Wang and the other is Dana Buchman. I just love them.
4.) Dollar Tree nail polish
I have come to learn that nail polish can be expensive. I walked out of Ulta one day and had spend about $30 on three bottles of OPI. Seriously? Whoa! I love my OPI, but this dollar tree brand called L.A. Colors worked just as good as a popular brand. My co-worker Jillian steered me towards this brand because it actually does work better than my other brands. Hmm $30 for three bottles or $3 for three bottles? I wonder which is the better deal? :)
5.) Pocket bacs, large hand sanitizers and mini candles from BBW

I love Bath and Body Works so much! When they run their sales on these items, I go crazy. For $5 I can get five mini hand sanitizers or two mini candles and for $15 I can get five large hand sanitizers. They usually run these deals for a good while, so I always try to get in there and stock up. I'm so funny. I have to have each of these three items for each season and holiday. I can't help it! Ha! :)
6.) "Love" votive holder from Yankee Candle
I love living so close to the Yankee Candle Factory Outlet in Williamsburg. They have so many other cute things that the small stores don't have. This votive holder caught my eye so quickly and I knew I had to get it. I'm not usually a votive person because I love the jar candles and tarts better, but I just had to get this. I am currently burning sparkling apple in it, and it smells so divine.
Current Wishes:
 1.) New Coach purse
This is the new Madison Metallic tote. It is gorgeous, and I think I will make it part of my Christmas list!
2.) New Vera Bradley purse
It has been forever since I got a new Vera Bradley! This print is called Rosy Posies and the purse is called the Laura tote. I'm in love.
3.) Cowgirl boots
Ahhhh I have been wanting cowgirl boots for forever now, and these are definitely the ones I must get. These are called the Old Gringo Sora boot and they are from this amazing store I just discovered called Country Outfitter! Being as I am from Fort Worth, Texas, how in the world do I not own a pair of these bad boys, or should I say bad girls?
4.) Sanuks
My younger brother works at an awesome shoe store back in Maryland called Vernon Powell Shoes. He owns like a billion pairs of Sanuks and has urged me to get a pair. I may just have to ask him for a pair as his Christmas present to me.
5.) Beaded bracelets

I have always loved beaded bracelets and I had no clue that you could get such cute ones at Bass Pro Shop. I didn't even know they sold jewelry to begin with, so when I saw these, I became a very happy girl.
6.) Rain boots
I really really need to invest in some cute rain boots. I'm the stupid girl who refuses to take her Uggs off when it rains, therefore nearly ruining every pair of them. Argg. Now that I have a puppy, I'm outside a lot regardless of the weather so I need to be prepared for when it rains. Plus rain boots are easy to slip on for when my little guy has to go potty!
Well that's it for now. Stay tuned for more posts on my obsessions and wishes. You might find yourself feeling obsessed and wishful too.

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