Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grocery shopping venting!


Pardon me while I vent. I really want to refrain from venting or getting mad on here, but this evenings grocery shopping trip has me on edge. Usually we go to the base commissary to get our groceries, but ours is so small and way over crowded no matter what time of day you go. Granted the commissary has the best prices, deals and there's no tax, of course it would be the better place to spend our money, but it is just so hectic. The aisles are way too narrow, every aisle you try to go down there are either ten different people with their overly full carts or one of those moms with five kids with one of those huge race car buggy carts. Seriously? I just don't understand why a place that is so overly populated on daily basis wouldn't be much bigger. It's ridiculous. The aisles are barely big enough to have two people going down them at the same time. You're always afraid of running over some one's toe or something or knocking all of the food off of the shelf. I know I am. I'm literally over there living in fear that I'm going to be the person that takes out an entire shelf because I can't get down an aisle. Insane. Plus, it doesn't take much to stress me out, so because of all the chaos, I end up biting Jarrett's head off because I can't get to the peanut butter. It's exhausting! So after many trips much like I just mentioned, we decided to stop going to the commissary and just go to Walmart since it is five minutes from our house.
Boy was I naive to think our problems would just magically disappear because we started going to Walmart instead. The Hampton Walmart is just as annoying as the Walmart back in Salisbury. It's a madhouse. Yes, it is much bigger than the commissary, but there are still the same issues and much much more. The biggest thing that makes me angry is that they NEVER have enough lanes open. NEVER. Every single time we go there whether it's for one thing or fifty things, there are never enough registers open. There are usually one twenty items or less lanes open and two regular lanes. Even on their busiest days/nights. Really? You're going to have three lanes open on a Sunday at noon? Give me a break please. Oh and to top it off, you've got people that literally have fifty items in their cart and they are going through the twenty items or less line as if they only have ten items in their cart. They do this while there is someone behind them that only has three things. What? Argggg!
Just when you thought there was nothing more for me to vent about, this evening takes the prize. We ended up just going to Walmart to do our shopping because we didn't want to be gone long. I really  feel like there is never a right time to go to the store whether it is Walmart or somewhere else. Everyone is always like "if you go to Walmart at 10:00 am it will be really slow". No thank you. No matter what time you go it will always be somewhat busy and somewhat annoying. Tonight we go around 5:30 or so. It did not look busy from the outside, but as soon as we step foot in the door, it's crazy.
We go through our whole aisle debacle and get through that without ripping someones head off or ripping each other's heads off. Thank goodness. Now, here comes the hard part, trying to find a lane with less people in it. No such luck. Of course there were only two twenty items or less lanes open and only three normal lanes open. We had forgot hamburger buns, so Jarrett went to retrieve those while I scrambled to find a lane. All the lines were evenly long so I just settled on one. The line I get in is so long that it goes all the way to where the clothing section begins. If I were to get in the line with my cart facing the front of the store I would be blocking people from getting by, so I get in line behind this nice man and his wife and I move my cart sideways so other people can get by. Two younger girls get in line behind me and do the same thing with their carts. Mind you we were both coming from the grocery side of Walmart. You could clearly see that we were in line behind this nice man and his wife. Jarrett finally comes back with the buns and we stand there and wait for the line to move up. Well, as we're standing there carrying on a conversation with each other, this girl and her husband decided to interrupt us by telling us that they were in line and that we had cut in front of them. They came from the non-grocery side and I guess that didn't realize that the line had curved around so that people could get by. They were clearly not in line, they just thought they were. The girl proceeds to argue with Jarrett over the fact, but my husband and I don't really care to get in arguments with people over stupid stuff, so instead of getting rude with this girl and her husband, we just let them go in front of us. The nice man and his wife just smiled at us and shook their heads. The young girls behind us were ready to curse the girl out. It could have been real bad, but it wasn't thank God. I'm not going to lie, I wanted to get up in the girls face, but I stayed classy.
I guess grocery shopping gets to us all sometimes. When it does, we have to learn to keep it together and not let our panties get in a bunch. You have to try to ignore those pesky annoyances and just get what you came there for. Don't fight with your spouse because your frustrated. Don't take your frustrations out on a complete stranger either. Just roll with the punches.
Happy grocery shopping,

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