Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween all!

Cowgirls and Nerds<3
So I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was in high school. Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween, but I'm just not a fan of dressing up and partying all night long. I was never really into the whole dressing up like a hooker thing either. No offense if you're into that though. Jarrett isn't really into all that stuff either. We've never really dressed up together and went out, and we're okay with that. You may call me or us boring, but I don't care. We usually stay in, watch scary movies and sometimes give out candy. We are just a private, simple couple and we love us!
Today at the store we were allowed to dress up. Since I had most of everything that I needed for a cowgirl costume, that's what I decided to be. I matched too. I had on all pink, so I dubbed myself "The Pink Cowgirl" for the day. It felt good to just dress up for the day and not have to wear normal work clothes. After work I went grocery shopping just like every other military wife because we finally got paid today! I left my porch light off because I wasn't going to be giving out candy and I didn't want kids knocking on the door and freaking Leo out. Thank goodness Walmart was a ghost town because I was not in the mood for all those crazy grocery shoppers. I got in and out in less than an hour. I think that's a record for me!
Hoping everyone had a great Halloween whether you dressed up and went out, stayed in and handed out candy, watched scary movies or even went grocery shopping.
Now, on to my two favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas! :)

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