Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let the couponing begin!

 Alright! I've decided to start couponing. Above is my coupon envelope to hold my coupons. My mother in-law has a friend back in Maryland that is really into the extreme couponing, so she gave her a whole bag of coupons to do with whatever she wanted. Of course, my mother in-law decides to pawn some of them off to me of which I'm very glad she did! I must have over fifty coupons in my envelope already which will really come in handy for our grocery shopping trip this coming week.
Even though I'm starting to coupon, I REFUSE to become one of those obsessed couponing people. I don't mean to judge them or anything, but becoming that obsessed with coupons is just insane. All Extreme Couponing is is one big competition between all of these couponers to have the most of all these random items in their home and to be the person that saves the most and even gets money back in return at the check out lane. I mean if it works for them then by all means do it, but I refuse to let couponing control my life like it does to those people on the show. All I want to do is save a decent amount of money at the grocery store while getting all of the items that we actually NEED. Simple as that.
Although, I might turn my coupon envelope into a folder at some point, but if you ever see me turn the folder into a full blown binder, I give you permission to slap me in the face! :)

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