Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ready for Black Friday!

So, I know Black Friday is still a little over a month away, but I already have my shopping trip on the brain. Every Friday after Thanksgiving, like everyone else, I go Black Friday shopping. I usually use this day to focus on buying fall and winter clothes including long sleeved tops, hoodies, sweaters, jeans, scarves and any other accessories that I come across. I go shopping with a budget, and I usually get a lot for my money. If you go early enough, you can swing some really great deals, so it makes getting up super super early all that much worth it. I always find myself shopping at the same stores too. I always go to American Eagle, Kohl's and Macy's. I've already been searching those stores online trying to get an idea about what I want to purchase that day. Below is my Black Friday wish list!
From American Eagle:
AE Artists Jeans. I love them so much that I want three more pairs in all the basic jean washes.
Pointelle Loop Scarves. I am beginning to have a scarf addiction. I like to have a variety of different scarves for whatever the weather may be.
From Kohl's:

Sweaters from LC Lauren Conrad. I have always been a fan of Lauren Conrad, so when she brought her clothing line to Kohl's, I fell in love with her designs. There is nothing from her line that I don't like, honestly.

LC's 3/4 sleeve tops. If you know me, you know I have about a billion 3/4 sleeved tops in my closet. I don't know why I love them so much, but I do. I guess it's because they are perfect for the times when the weather is so back and forth you don't know whether to wear a long sleeved shirt or a short sleeved one. Just throw on a 3/4 sleeved top and you'll be ready for whatever!
From Macy's:

I love the brand American Rag. They can be pretty expensive for the most part, but when they put their clothing on sale, they really put it on sale.
Okay, now that I've posted all of these pictures I want to go shopping really bad, but I'll just have to wait and save my money for Black Friday! :)

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