Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend stuff!

This weekend was a rather relaxing one with one of my best friends, my boys and my in laws. There wasn't much going on due to lovely Hurricane Sandy. Awesome. So, Friday I worked till five and then met Rachel for dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Neither of us had ever been there so we decided to try it out. Boy was it delicious! We both got burgers of course and they were pretty much amazing. After dinner, knowing Rachel and myself, we both got dessert. Actually, every time we enter a restaurant dessert is the first thing on our minds. What can we say, we love anything sweet. After dinner and dessert we just went back to my house and hung out with Leo for a little. Leo clearly missed his Aunt Rachel!
Saturday, Jarrett and I headed to good old Walmart to stock up on more food and supplies for the Hurricane. I then had to work at three which made for a really boring night because of the anticipated storm. At least my mother in law was working with me so it was fun as usual. She definitely makes things less boring. When I got home from work, we decided to go ahead and bring all of our patio furniture and accessories inside in case it started to get windy. Really good idea considering the winds did pick up the next morning. Sunday we just lounged around the house watching football and then the in laws came over for dinner. Sunday dinner consisted of shrimp cocktail as an appetizer then steak, baked potatoes and broccoli salad. Yum yum yum!
Today, we went over to the in laws for a big breakfast since we were all off work from the hurricane. My mother in law made breakfast potatoes, sausage, poached eggs, pancakes and cinnamon rolls. Can you say stuffed? It was amazing. We then went home and stayed in the rest of the day because the weather started to get pretty bad. I spent the rest of my day cleaning my house until it was spotless. I usually despise cleaning, but I love to clean when the weather is crappy. It is so therapeutic and relaxing to me for some reason. While I was cleaning I got the phone call that I had been waiting for. One of my best friends, Erica, is pregnant and she found out today that she is having a baby GIRL!!!! I am beyond excited for her, plus I am really stoaked to start planning the baby shower with my other best friend, Brooke!
Tonight I leave you with a video that just might make you laugh. This is Jarrett blow drying Leo after he was outside in the pouring rain! Enjoy! :)

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