Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend stuff

This past weekend was my last weekend alone. My husband is coming home this weekend and I am so ready! I miss him like crazy if you couldn't tell already! My awesome manager gave me Saturday off too so now I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off to spend with him. Now lets hope that this week flies on by so I can hold and squeeze my husband for the first time in four months!

Friday night, I went to Walmart to get a few things and as I stated in my Friday Five post, Leo owned one of my work flats while I was out. Argh! And if that wasn't enough, I drove through Popeyes to grab some dinner after Walmart(I have been on a Popeyes kick lately) and I came home to not only my shoe on its death bed, but they forgot to give me a biscuit with my meal! At that point I wanted to scream! Popeyes biscuits are the only fast food biscuits that I really like. Boooo! If they weren't on the other side of town I would have driven right back over there to retrieve my dang biscuit! Haha!

Saturday we had our Spring VIP event at the store so of course we had tons of yummy snacks! Every time we have food at an event I can never keep my hands off of it. That Saturday I basically ingested about 15 donut holes, chips and salsa to last a lifetime, tons of cheese and crackers, cookies, rice cakes and tons of fruit punch! Oh you think I ate too much then? Well, after work I met Rachel at Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner. Her and I have grown to really love that restaurant! Their burgers are amazing! Of course her and I got burgers and fries as our meal and then if that wasn't enough food on top of the food that I had had at work, we both got dessert! Actually, just about every time her and I eat a meal together it involves dessert! That's why I love her so much! Man oh man I was stuffed by the end of the day though!

Sunday I finally got to sleep in a little and then I met the IL's at church! After church I got some cleaning done around the house and my MIL spray painted our tan wicker furniture white so it finally matches our other white wicker furniture in our bedroom! Yay so exciting! Our bedroom will look great when the fumes finally go away and we can move the furniture back into our room. Then later on Leo and I went over to their house for Sunday dinner. My MIL grilled out steak and corn on the cob and we had salad and buttered bread to go with. Of course I always bring the dessert. I brought a strawberry cheesecake for after dinner. I really don't think I ate enough this weekend! :P

Today Leo and I have been a little lazy, especially since it has been a rainy day outside. We took a mid morning nap, I got the rest of my cleaning of the house done and then I've been reading the last Fifty Shades book most of the day! I am hoping to finally finish it by this evening! I guess we'll see! :P

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