Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Five

Hello all! What a world wind of a week it has been for our country! I know everyone else is adding these events to their Friday Five and I feel compelled to do so as well.

1. In just one week two terrible things happened in our country. I still cannot believe what happened in Boston and Texas! Thank God justice was served in Boston and the suspects were found even though one was dead. At least the other brother was found alive so they can interrogate him and make him pay for the lives he took and ruined! Kudos to the amazing law enforcement for catching both suspects! What happened in Texas hit close to home for me because I have a lot of family in Texas even though they do not live where the explosion took place. I just hope they can figure out exactly what happened soon! It is sad when things like this happen, but it is nice to see our country stick together!

2. On a lighter note, I am going back to Maryland tomorrow for the weekend. I finally get to meet little miss Austyn Lynn on Sunday! I am so stoked to meet this little angel! Just by viewing all of the pictures of her I have fallen in love with this little girl. She is the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen. When I get home Monday evening I will do my post about her and post plenty of pictures.

3. My little boy is finally back to normal. As I posted earlier in the week, I had to take Leo to the ER on Monday because of him constantly throwing up. They determined that it was just an upset stomach and may be the result of me switching him to adult food instead of puppy food. I was worried there for a little bit because he was very constipated from the medicine they had to give him, but he is all back to normal again. He's done with his medicine, eating and drinking again and pooping like normal. What a champ!

4. Okay I am just going to throw this out there. I have been eating like crazy! Yeah I said it! Whenever Jarrett is deployed, I have my moments of emotional eating that just go on and on. I also usually start baking a ton when he leaves. Weird, I know! Just my way of coping, I guess! Now, I'm not gaining any weight from it, but my eating habits have definitely changed since he left. I promised myself that when he left I would get back to the gym four days a week like I use to, but did I do it? Nope, sure did not! Baking and the drive-thru have been my bffs! Now that there is a week in a half until he is home, I am finally calming down and going back to my lunchables and lean cuisines! Ha

5. Jarrett is reenlisting on Monday for six years and then he will be able to accept our orders to Alaska! I am so sad that I will miss the ceremony! I have never been able to see him reenlist! Heck, I didn't even get to see him be sworn in when he went to basic training! There is always something standing in my way! Same for him too! He was deployed when I graduated with my Bachelors, so he missed my graduation! Actually, he was deployed during my graduation with my Associates degree! Dang! I'm glad we both at least made it to our own wedding! Ha! Anyways, I am so proud of Jarrett for his continuous commitment to our county! I feel safer at night knowing there are men just like my husband fighting for our beloved country!

Everyone, please have a great weekend and hug your loved ones extra tight! I know I will as I venture home this weekend!

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