Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend stuff

I cannot believe how quick the weekends go! They start and then before you know it they are over in a flash! Crazy! Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was full of birthday shenanigans, time with the in laws and the birth of a precious baby girl!

This weekend we celebrated two of my co-worker's birthdays with Jillian's being on Saturday and Diane's, our manager, being on Sunday. We all decided to go ahead and celebrate Diane's on Saturday since she and most of us would be off work on Sunday. Friday night, I came back to the store to bring Diane's gifts and help the girls decorate her office and stuff! It all looked amazing as you can see below.

When Diane came into work Saturday morning she loooooved her decorated office! She was so surprised by it. We got her a Willow Tree angel, a Dunkin Donuts gift card and a bunch of owl stuff since she loves owls. Plus her daughter always bakes cupcakes for all of our birthdays, so she baked pumpkin spice cupcakes for her mom and Jillian. You all know I can never turn down a cupcake so all of us at work dug right in to them! They were out of this world scrumptious!

Later after work we all went out to celebrate Jillian's birthday at Olive Garden. We all had such a good time and the food was yummy yummy! Our waiter was a little weird though, but then he kept refilling our wine sample glasses, so then he wasn't so weird anymore with all the free wine! Haha! Anyways, For Jillian's birthday some of the other girls and I put together a birthday basket with all kinds of stuff in it. It looked adorable and I forgot to get a picture of it. Boo me! Of course, you cannot leave a restaurant without them singing to someone with a birthday, so they sang to Jillian and she was not a fan of it! It was hysterical watching her face which you will see below!

Sunday, Leo and I slept in a little and then had a lovely Skype session with Jarrett while we continued to lay in bed. Then I finally got out of bed and got ready for church. I met my in laws at the 10:45 church service which was so inspiring. I am really going to miss our church. I am hoping that Jarrett and I can find a church just as good in Alaska. I want to become more involved in a church too when we find a new one. After church I went and did my grocery shopping for the next two weeks and went to Petco to get Leo his big boy food(adult dachshund Eukanuba). Later on Leo and I went over to the in law's new townhouse for a cook out. We drank wine, ate some amazing food and then had an awesome Oreo pie for dessert. After dinner we just played with Leo, rested and watched The Masters wishing that Jarrett was there to watch it with us!

Today was a mixed day. Bad and great all at the same time. The bad part of the day was that Leo woke up throwing up everywhere! I took him to the emergency vet clinic right away and they determined that it was just an upset stomach and gave him some antibiotics. Thank goodness! He's been doing so well since we got home so I feel much better. We just spent the rest of the day hanging out and being lazy. Later on this evening my whole day became much better when Erica gave birth to baby Austyn! She was 8lbs 12oz with a ton of hair! I am not posting pictures just yet, but I will do a post after this weekend when I meet her for the first time. I can already tell you that she is one gorgeous little girl so stay tuned! :)

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