Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jarrett's 26th birthday

So, it's my husband's birthday and I am totally loving posting all of these baby photos of him! Hopefully he won't care too much, but I just had to. Some of them may be on Facebook and Instagram too, but I will neither confirm or deny! It is a wife's right of passage to post baby pictures of their husband and his birthday! HA!

While getting a head start on cleaning and packing for our big move, I came across Jarrett's baby book in our guest room. I decided to sit down and look through it again since I haven't looked at it in forever. I pretty much fell in love with Jarrett all over again after going through it. Just looking at pictures of him as a baby and being held by his mom, dad, aunts and uncles just melts my heart. I mean I'm not biased or anything, but he is literally the cutest baby in the whole entire world! I cannot wait to see what our babies look like just from looking at his pictures!

I hate not being with him on his birthday, but we will hopefully be together really soon. We don't really know when he is coming home now, so I am holding on with everything I have for his return home. I'm just glad I got to talk to him today and that he had a good birthday despite being deployed and having to work a long and late shift. It's crazy that we both met and started dating when he were eighteen and now we are both twenty six with so much ahead of us! I cannot wait to see how our lives change before our next birthdays!

Once again, happy birthday babe!
xoxo, Katie and Leo


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