Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five

1. Tuesday before mom left to go home, we went to lunch at TGI Friday's. I can't stop thinking about the pretzel sticks appetizer that we had. They were large pretzel like breadsticks with parmesan garlic butter on them, plus they give you beer cheese to dip them in. I have literally been craving them ever since. So good and different than any other appetizer I've ever had. I definitely suggest trying them if you ever go there for lunch or dinner.

2. I have been a crazy worker bee all week. Whenever there is a weekend that I am going to Maryland or whenever I travel anywhere, I clean my house like crazy! I hate coming home from a long day at work and having to clean, but it needed to be done. Wednesday night I got off at five then came home and dusted my house top to bottom, vacuumed the house, swept/mopped the hard floors and windexed all the mirrors. Last night I finished my cleaning by cleaning the bathrooms while running two loads of laundry and running the dish washer. Now I'm packing my stuff and Leo's stuff for our drive tomorrow.

3. Tonight my co-worker Brittany and I went shopping at the mall after work. I had tons of coupons to Bath and Body Works and Victorias Secret so I got a lot of stuff for barely spending any money. I went to Bath and Body works and only spent $9.04 for five mini antibacterial soaps, two small lotions, two antibacterial soaps holders and two sets of little nail files. Then I went to Victorias Secret and for two pairs of underwear and a big thing of body butter I only spent $2.60! Take that extreme couponing!

4. Right now 13 Going on 30 is on TV and I am so happy. This is one of my all time favorite movies. It brings me back to high school every time I watch it. I just love it. Jennifer Garner is hilarious and I think this is the movie that made me fall in love with her as an actress! My favorite scene is when she starts doing the Thriller dance and then everyone else starts doing it with her. Best scene EVER!

5. I am so excited for these next three months. Baby Austyn arriving any day now, Jarrett returning home in a week, Chris's college graduation in May, my cousin's wedding/family reunion with Jarrett, my dad and both brothers in May, lots of trips home to see family and friends and then our move to Alaska. Busy, busy, busy!

Happy weekend all!

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