Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday once again everyone!

1. Monday I came back from Maryland and I wish I could have stayed all week. It has been a blah week for me plus I am missing my husband so much! We don't know when he'll be home now, so it's getting harder for me to keep my cool like I have been. I am doing my best to refrain from being a whiney military wife, but somedays I want to scream in a pillow! At least there are two new episodes of Happy Endings on right now and I do believe I might go to Maryland next weekend too! Score!

2. A couple days ago it was National Siblings Day apparently so I thought I'd post some adorable pictures of my brothers and me. We were so stinking cute as you can see below. I also found a picture of my mom, dad, older brother and me as a baby. I was cute as a baby if I do say so myself! Just looking at these old pictures makes me realize just how lucky I have been to have two awesome parents and two crazy, silly, always there for me brothers!

3. Adding to number 2, because yesterday was throwback Thursday, I also added a photo of my best friend Christina and I of which I'm not sure how old we are in the picture. I believe it was my senior year of high school and her junior year. The other picture I posted was of me and my friends at sixth grade graduation back when they actually did graduation for sixth graders. What I love most is that I still keep in touch with those lovely ladies even after all this time. That picture was taken about seventeen years ago and I cannot believe how much we've all grown since then!

4. Ever since the beginning of the year Jarrett and I have talked about getting another puppy. We were going to get another mini dachshund, but discovered that our rental office only allows one pet so we decided to put the new puppy on hold for the time being. Now that we are moving and that our new base housing allows two pets, the new puppy is back on the table. I still want another dachshund, but now Jarrett is on the kick of us getting a husky instead! I'm still stuck on another dachshund, but I won't deny that us having a husky would be totally awesome, so I guess we will see once we get to Alaska!

5. This week we have had some beautiful, warm weather, finally! Like every day this week it has been sunny and warm and actually hot at some times. I was able to break out the flip flops which made me so happy. The only thing I hate about this weather is that I can't go buy spring and summer clothes because there is no point with us going to a colder climate. I hate not being able to go buy more flips flops and tank tops, but at this point I just want to enjoy the weather while we're still here! I don't want to take it for granted!

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