Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Five

Thank God it's Friday! Well really my Friday is on Saturday, but still, on Friday nights I'm completely exhausted! Hoping you all had a wonderful week and have an amazing weekend!

1. Monday, I learned that I cannot drive from Maryland to Virginia in the afternoon without taking a good nap first. Mom and I had a big lunch and naturally you feel very tired after eating a huge meal. I came back to my mom's after lunch and hung out with the pups for a little, but did not take a nap like I should. I left to come back to Virginia around three that afternoon and my eyes were the heaviest they've ever been. I even swerved a couple times which freaked me out! I drove half of the way home like that before I finally stopped for a mocha frappe! Whew that woke me right up! Note to self: never leave again without taking a nap or even grabbing a coffee before the drive! Lesson learned!

2. While I was home last weekend, we found more old photos of me and my friends, my brothers and my cousins. Some of the photos are below because I just couldn't help myself. They are hysterical! There is one of my sweet sixteen birthday dinner so naturally, I put it on Facebook and Instagram and tagged my lovely ladies in it! What is even more awesome is that even though that picture was taken ten years ago, I still keep in touch with all of them too! Thank God for social media

3. Last night I had the pleasure of doing a little bit of babysitting for my neighbor, Tori. Her and her husband are Navy and just had their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Annalise! Tori and I had a girls night and then she needed to go pick her husband up from work so I stayed at her house and watched after Anna bug! She made my job easy because she slept the whole time her mommy was gone. She's such a little sweetheart! I told Tori that Jarrett and I would watch her anytime they wanted to have a date night! I mean, we have to get some practice in some how! :P

4. My dog owned me tonight! Since Jarrett left, I have been experimenting with leaving him out in the house instead of having him in the kitchen all the time. I started doing this about three months ago and it has worked very well up until tonight! I left the house for about thirty minutes just to get a few things from Walmart. Usually Leo doesn't touch anything and is laying on the couch when I come home. Not tonight! He had gotten a hold of one of my black flats that I wear to work every day and pretty much killed it! I came home to bits and pieces of shoe all over the living room floor! After I cleaned everything up he crawled up into my lap and fell asleep! I guess I would be be exhausted too if I had torn up a shoe! Silly puppy!

5. This weekend I am looking forward to just hanging out at home with Leo and finally finishing the third Fifty Shades of Grey book! Also probably throwing some cleaning in the mix. Every time it gets close to homecoming I clean the house like a crazy person. I also like our vehicles to be spotless. I just want Jarrett to come home to a perfectly clean house, plenty of food in the kitchen and clean, pollen free vehicles. I know he wouldn't care either way, but these things matter to me. It's just my OCD kicking in, that's all!

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