Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend stuff and deployment!

This weekend was the last one with my hubby before he deployed so we made it count! Saturday after I got off work, we used our Cinebistro gift card from mom and went to the movies to eat a yummy dinner and see the movie Django. Jarrett absolutely loves Quentin Tarantino movies so since we weren't sure about what movie to see, we saw that. I can honestly say, it was amazing! I really liked it. I love that we're going to movies more because we use to go all the time and then we just got too busy and rarely ever went anymore. We've been so good lately with allowing time once a week for a date night. I love our date nights so much!

Sunday, we slept in, which was out of this world amazing, then we ran some errands to get Jarrett ready for his deployment. Later on we watched our Ravens kick some Colts butt and move on in the playoffs and then we cooked a fabulous steak dinner together. Perfect end to the weekend!

Yesterday, we finished some more errands and I attempted to apply for my passport for my upcoming trip to visit him in March, but oh no, you have to pay $110 as a check and the rest of the fees as cash or money order of which I had planned on just using my credit card for the whole thing. I now have to wait until pay day on Friday to get apply for my passport. So annoying! If I would have known all that then I would have planned out my money better instead of just using my credit card. Blah! Oh well, I will still get my passport in time if I apply Friday!

Today was not such a good day. On top of Jarrett deploying, this morning I got a disturbing phone call from my brother about my mom. She has type two diabetes and she had a huge spike in her blood sugar and had to go to the hospital. They had to run all kinds of tests and put her on an IV for a while because of dehydration. They also gave her insulin shots which brought her levels down a ton. She was then able to be discharged and the doctors upped her medication and the dosage and also gave her another medicine. If the medication works well for her and she makes some more life changes then she should not need to be on insulin. Thank The Lord!

Hold the people you love close to you tonight and never ever take them for granted!


  1. Just think when you go to bed at least you have your little cuddle bunny to snuggle with..I mean I know Leo isn't Jarrett but at least he is a warm snuggle bunny..LOL

  2. Ahhhh I know! He's the best cuddle buddy! :)


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