Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Home for Christmas!

Hello all. I know I am just a little late updating on our Christmas in Maryland, but I have been so so busy. It is a new year, work is crazy, I am hunkering down with my full job search and demanding to find my job soon and we just found out last week that Jarrett is deploying next week, so life is just a bit hectic once more.
So, as I said before I was able to get three days off from the store to go home for Christmas. Jarrett, Leo and I had a wonderful time with our family and friends. Leo met so many people and was completely exhausted. Although our three days at home were completely packed, they were amazing and I didn't want to leave. I was able to spend time with my family, Jarrett's dad's side of his family and my three best friends. I still cannot believe that we were able to see everyone in that short of time. Here are the pictures from our visit.
Leo bored on the drive to Maryland.
Leo and Sophie just hanging around.
Matt's alien cat Zoe.
 Presents at mom's house.
Lots and lots of presents.
 Leo opening his presents.
He loved his ball, Christmas tree and snowman.
 Leo also got an awesome Kong bone.
A pooped Leo asleep in my duffel bag.
Favorite gift #1: North Face coat courtesy of the husband and little brother.
The perks of having a brother that sells the brand.
Favorite gift #2: Dachshund necklace from my best friend, Christina.
Favorite gift #3: Five new charms for my Pandora. 
Favorite gift #4: Vera Bradley purse from the older brother, Matt.
 Dad's Christmas tree.
Dad cut down mistletoe from his backyard.
 Of course we had to kiss under it.
 Our little family on Christmas. I love us.
 Daddy and my brothers
 I love my family so much.
 My sister in laws. Aren't they gorgeous?
 Husband, sister in laws and puppies.
Take two.
Hoping your Christmas was as blessed as mine was.

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