Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend stuff

Hello all! Hope your weekend was awesome! Mine sure was! Last week I worked mainly night shifts so I didn't really get to see Jarrett much. I worked day shift Friday and Saturday and had Sunday off, so it was nice to finally have some evenings with the hubby for once! I also worked a short day shift today, I am off tomorrow and work till four on Wednesday so that is more time to spend with him and Leo! Yay!
Friday I got off at three then came home and waited for Jarrett to get off work. Once he came home from work, we went and picked up a couple packs of beer and picked up a To Go order of food from Buffalo Wild Wings. We are so glad that there is a BWW here because it is one or our favorite restaurants. We love to get To Go orders from there especially since they are always busy and it takes forever to get seated. After dinner I decided to go to the BX to get a little winter shopping done. I got two infinity scarves and one regular scarf, two pairs of gloves and a really cute hat to match a couple of the scarves. On my way to check out I noticed the Bath and Body works section and that there were a lot of items on clearance. Naturally, I had to stop and look because I am BBW obsessed. I ended up getting the new Love Love Love scent in a perfume and lotion and only paid $15 for both! Score!
Saturday I worked until five and then grabbed some dinner for the hubbs and I on my way home. Later on after dinner, we went and got ice cream at this awesome place called Marble Slab. They remind me a lot of Cold Stone Creamery and I actually think they may be better and yummier! Marble Slab is also in the same shopping center as Avalanche Frozen Yogurt so we are set on an awesome frozen yogurt place and ice cream place. Can you tell we are a frozen treat obsessed couple? Yes, yes we are.
Sunday I was off work! Woo hoo! Our Sunday started off with taking Leo to PetSmart to get groomed. Little boy got a bath with pumpkin scent, his nails cut and grinded, his teeth brushed and his ears cleaned. He also got a Frankenstein bandanna! It was hilarious and I definitely forgot to get a picture of him wearing it. He was a pampered pooch for the day and loved it! While Leo was at the groomers, we went to IHOP again for breakfast and it was oh so scrumptious! I need to stay away from the stuffed french toast because it will be my downfall if I don't! Haha!

Later on once we got home I did three loads of laundry then took a two hour nap. Now, I am not one to take naps, but when I do, you know I am completely exhausted and that I need the rest. That nap was so awesome! After my nap, we went grocery shopping at The Commissary. For dinner I made mini crescent dogs with mini smoked sausages and paired them with chips and cheese dip. Jarrett wanted football food for dinner and that's what he got! We both loved them! They were so good and so easy to make! You guys should try them!
After our football dinner, it was time for The Walking Dead to premiere again! We are a tad bit obsessed with that show, but it is just so good! We've been hooked from the beginning! Watching it together was the perfect end to our weekend.

Today was Columbus Day so Jarrett had today off too. I only had to work until three today so that was great knowing I had a handsome hubby and puppy waiting for me at home. When I got home those boys were just being lazy on the couch. It was too cute and it made me so happy!
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