Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Five: Leo Edition

Yesterday was my day off and I got some really good pictures of Leo. I decided to do a Friday Five all about him just because he is so darn cute and I love him! So without further ado, I give you five sides of Leo!

1. Hard to get up in the morning Leo. Lately, Leo has been the hardest thing to get out of bed in the morning. I mean, it's hard enough for Jarrett and I to get up and then we have to deal with Leo being all cuddly and cute in the bed. How am I supposed to get out of bed with him crawling over to me and laying on my chest? It's basically impossible. I literally lay there for fifteen more minutes every morning until I finally decided to force myself away from all the cuteness! Madness I tell you!
2. Sleeping on mommy Leo. Nothing makes me happier then taking an afternoon nap and waking up to this sweet little smiling boy also napping in my lap. Look at that face! I absolutely love when he smiles in his sleep. Melts my heart. There is nothing like a sleeping smiling puppy. Well, I will say that for now until it is a sleeping smiling baby I am looking at instead of a puppy!
3. Laying by the window Leo. I am so glad we have a window in our living room because my mom has one and Leo use to lay on the top of her couch in front of it all the time. I swore then that we would have a window of our own one day so that he could lay in front of it in his own home. Dogs and cats love to lay where it is light so a window with the sun coming in is perfect for them to really feel at home. Sometimes he will even rest his neck on the window seal and just look out the window then he'll fall asleep! Precious!
4. Stretched all the way out Leo. Leo loves to do his morning stretches. He is so freaking long. He looks like a real hot dog when he stretches all the way out. Sometimes he'll just stretch and then be done with it, and then sometimes he'll stretch and lay his head on the ground like in the picture below. Why is he so cute? I mean, seriously, I can hardly deal with how cute he is sometimes!
5. I made a mess then got tired Leo. Yes, this happened during my day off. He tore up his bed then decided to stop and take a little breather in the bed he was tearing up. That is just how he does things. He'll do something bad and then lay down and take a nap to avoid getting in trouble. He'll lay down and be all cuddly and cute and then I'm done for. I can't be mad at him for destroying his bed when he looks this sweet!
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