Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend stuff

This weekend was such a quick one probably because I worked all weekend! Saturday I worked until five and then I came home to yummy cheeseburgers made by the hubby. I wasn't feeling too well so I did not want to eat a huge dinner. A cheeseburger and some coke actually made my stomach feel better. I thought I might be coming down with something, but I seem to be fine now. Now if my throat starts hurting then I will definitely assume I'm getting sick. I know I'm going to get sick soon because Jarrett has been sick and some of the girls at work have been sick. Plus we just moved to a much colder state, so yeah, I will get sick soon!
Saturday night after dinner we just laid on the couch and watched the movie Shrek! We looooove that movie! When Jarrett and I snuggle on the couch, Leo always has to climb all over us! He did his climbing and then laid his head on my cheek and fell asleep! My goodness he is the sweetest thing when he sleeps! Especially when he's asleep with his head on my cheek! Love it!
I love how Jarrett and I are home bodies for the most part. I mean we love to go out to dinner, go shopping and find new fun things to do, but sometimes the best times with my husband are when we are lying on the couch watching a movie and holding each other. Ever since we got to Alaska we have been so crazy busy and I sometimes work the opposite shift as Jarrett, so we haven't gotten much time together lately! Any time that we have together at home to just be together is perfect for me!
Sunday I worked until six and then Jarrett and I got take out from Olive Garden for dinner. We ended up getting the out from there one night when it was taking ten thousand forevers for us to get seated and we were starving! Their take out is so cool! They give you your entree in a really cool container, each person gets their own huge container of salad along with croutons, dressing and parmesan cheese and they give you plenty of bread sticks and a couple of the little mints! Perfect! The Olive Garden is right outside the gate that is right up the street from our house so it is perfect to just call in my order and run up there real quick to bring it home to my hungry husband!
All in all it was a good quick weekend! Hopefully this week will be a good week and even though I have to work this whole weekend too, it will be a great weekend again!

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