Thursday, October 10, 2013

Is it December and Christmas yet?

I don't know about you, but I am getting warm fuzzies just thinking about Christmas and the fact that it is two and a half months away! I'm sure a lot of you just want to get through Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving first and I get that, but for many people, Christmas is what we look forward to all year long. I know I do. Maybe it's because I work at a store where Christmas is burned into your brain more than half of the year, but I seriously cannot wait for December! When I see the first commercials for ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas is when it begins for me. Once I've seen that first commercial, I am a Christmas goner.
December is a magical month in my eyes. I am now living in a state where it will actually snow in December and we will more than likely have a white Christmas. I am stoked for a white Christmas this year! I cannot wait to deck our new house out in Christmas decor and maybe buy a bigger tree this year too. I think decorating the house for the holidays is so comforting. Being surrounded by the tree and all of the decorations give me some kind of hope for the new year to come. I just feel happy and alive!
December is also the month where Jarrett and I started dating and when we got married. We celebrate two anniversaries during this month so of course it's my favorite! December is the month where we get to relive everything. The first date, first kiss, first "I love you" and "I love you too" and four years after when we committed to be together for the rest of our lives on our wedding day! This month is everything to me and I cannot wait to celebrate eight years together and four years married really soon! I love the fact that we get to celebrate our love during the most magical time of the year!

Although this Christmas will be a lot different this year, it will still be magical. It will be hard being away from our family and friends, but I know it will be a great December and Christmas after all! With 25 Days of Christmas on TV, a decked out house, beautiful Christmas tree, an attempt at cooking holiday recipes by ourselves, a cute little puppy, a handsome husband and plenty of FaceTime and Skype sessions with everyone, our holidays will be just as wonderful as if we were really home!
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