Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life lately through Instagram

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Since getting to Alaska two months ago, life has finally slowed down a bit. We are settling in just fine in our house and getting use to our surroundings. Leo is also doing pretty good and settling right in with us! Jarrett and I are both very busy working full time and I am starting my full time position at Alaska USA FCU in a week while maintaining a part time position at Hallmark. Once I start this job I will be even busier, but I love it so much! Since we have been so busy, we have not had much time to really get out and go site seeing, but hopefully we will soon! We have though found some really good restaurants, awesome malls to go shopping in, sweet movie theaters and some delicious frozen yogurt and ice cream places all really close to the base. Also, we know our way around base pretty well and all in all really enjoy the luxury of living on base. Once we get a really nice day with great weather, we will drive around and get plenty of pictures of the base. I cannot wait to really see Alaska when we have the time and take some amazing pictures! I also cannot wait to share them with you guys, so please stay tuned for some more exciting Instagram pictures real soon!
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  1. JBER or Eielson? JBER was my husband's first duty station. I loved how gorgeous Alaska was.


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