Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's letters

Dear stomach virus, I think you are somewhat going away, but I still can't tell. One minute I feel better and then my head is in the toilet, so this is not cool! Hopefully my medicine will start to kick in soon and maybe I'll feel like eating something. Until then, it's the couch and a cute puppy in my lap for now. Dear Leo, You have been the sweetest thing today! It's like you know that mommy is sick and you want to comfort me. You have barely left my lap and you have just cuddled with me all day! What a sweet boy you are! Dear Husband, I am so glad you're home from work now! I have missed you so much today! Also the fact that you made me soup when you got home was the sweetest! You always take such good care of me every single day whether I am sick or not! I love you! Dear Mom, Ahhhhhh I want my mommy when I don't feel good and you are not here! At least last year when I had phenomena you were visiting at that time so you were able to go to the hospital with me! At least we got to FaceTime today and we get to every day! Thanks for being such an awesome mom! I love you!
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