Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's letters

Dear husband, This evening was perfect! Buffalo Wild Wings, Red's Strawberry Ale, shopping, a Walking Dead marathon and actually getting to spend time together! Pure happiness! We work too much and I feel like I never get to spend time with you, babe! I cannot wait to have off on Sunday so that we can spend the day together just doing whatever we feel like! I love you honey! Dear Leo, Why do you keep messing with my Halloween decorations when daddy and I are at work? You've never touched decorations until now! And what is with you hiding your bowls in my UGG boots? How did you even get them in there? You silly boy! Dear beautiful mountains, You guys make me so happy when I see you with snow on top! What a gorgeous sight for me to see on my way home from work! I cannot wait to see you all covered in snow for the first time. It will be amazing! Dear Alaska, Jarrett and I feel a little more comfortable every day living in your wonderful state. We are so lucky and blessed to get to live here and we love it! We look forward to all of our time here and we are excited for our future here!
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