Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend stuff

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful but bittersweet. It was our last weekend in Maryland for a really long time. I cannot believe we are leaving for Alaska on Wednesday! It's crazy how quick everything is happening right now, but I'm glad we are getting to spend time with our families and friends.
Two pooped puppies
Someone decided to lay in the grass instead of pooping
At our going away dinner
Mom and I at dinner

We left Virginia for good on Thursday and came to Maryland. Thursday we just relaxed at home because it was storming and pouring pretty bad when we got into town. My little brother came over and hung out with us for a while and then we ordered a pizza. I love ordering pizza when it's pouring down rain. Later on we went to Jarrett's dad's house and Leo and their dog Zoe ran and played in the rain. It was hilarious! Friday we went to lunch with mom then ran lot of errands and did a little shopping. We also bought ingredients to make taco pie for dinner. My favorite! Matt came over for dinner to eat the taco pie and then we went to Tutti Frutti for frozen yogurt! Yesterday we went out to breakfast and then later on I hung out with Brooke and then we had her bachelorette party! You will read more about her party in the next post! Today I went to church with mom and everyone prayed for Jarrett and I. It was wonderful to have everyone put their hands on me and pray for our journey and life in Alaska! It was truly amazing! Later on in the evening we had a going away dinner with my family at Red Roost. What better way to celebrate our move than crabs!

How was your weekend?
Did you eat crabs at some point too?
If so, what restaurant or crab house did you go to?
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