Friday, August 2, 2013

My last day at Hallmark and going away dinner #1

Saturday was my last day at the store. I got to work with two of my favorites, Ashley and Sandy! Those two made my last day so awesome. I have been so blessed to work with such amazing ladies. I never thought I'd work retail again, but working at Hallmark was one of the best things I've ever done! Meeting these two ladies and all of the other ladies I worked with has been one of the biggest blessings since moving to Virginia. I had a really rough time when I moved to Virginia, but as soon as I started working with these awesome girls, I finally felt at home. I'm sure I'll meet plenty of people in Alaska, but they will never take the place of the friends I've made here! Sunday I had a going away dinner with some of the other ladies I worked with. Not everyone could make it, but that was okay, we still had fun. We ate yummy Mexican food and I received some adorable going away gifts even though I told them not to! I should have known better with that bunch! These ladies will be one of the biggest blessings that I will take with me to Alaska! I was so lucky to have met each and every one of them!
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  1. :) So proud of your positive attitute!!! You are so blessed and I know the move to Alaska will be filled with even more!!

  2. Emily you are so sweet! Although I'm pretty nervous and scared about this transition, I know there's nothing I can't get through! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! :)


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