Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friday Five

1. Oh my goodness! The mountains here are amazing! Like out of this world amazing! I've seen mountains before in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, but I've never ever seen them like this before! I can literally look outside my front door and see them and it's so wonderful to get to see them every day no matter where I drive around town. They are always there and I love being surrounded by them at every turn. I only wish my family and friends were here to see them with us. They would love them just as much as we do!
2. Not too long after we got to Alaska, we noticed that Leo had some bites on his chest plus a huge sore on his lip that seemed to be spreading throughout his whole upper lip and nose. He had also had a really bad case of diarrhea not too long after we noticed the bites and sore. Naturally we got really worried, especially since we had put him through so much on the drive with sleeping in different places every night and having to have him go potty in so many different areas. So, we took him to the pet ER and he just had an upset tummy and the bites and sore were from something he came in contact with on the trip. The vet gave us plenty of medicine and cream for his skin. Now Leo is all back to normal except for his lip. The sore is slowing going away and hopefully it will be healed soon! Our poor little guy!
3. I still cannot get over our new house! It's insane! I also cannot believe how lucky we were to be able to get into a house one day after getting here. We fully expected to be in TLF for a month at the most, but we didn't end up there at all. We got here on a Saturday and then on Monday Jarrett went to the housing office just to see when a house would become available. I just sat outside in the car with Leo and boom, before I knew it Jarrett was walking back out to the car with house keys in his hand! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! We had a house. A big house. A house we could start a family in. A brand new house in an awesome neighborhood. No more living in a shoebox townhouse for us. Even though I am very thankful for our first little townhouse, I am overjoyed at us having an actual house! I have spent so much time dreaming of us having a house just like this one and this house is for sure a dream come true!
4. I got hired at the Hallmark stores here! Yay! I was hoping to go straight into another store here so I didn't need to find another part time job while looking for my full time career and it happened! It just so happened that they needed more people at all three stores and I got here at the right time. They were really impressed with all my experience and responsibility at the store in Virginia that they hired me on the spot! So now, I have a job that I am use to and can now really focus on my full job search! I plan to go to the spouse assistance center on base so that they can really help me with my job search! I am hoping that they can help me find exactly what I am looking for in a job. Apparently companies here really like to hire military spouses because of all of our job and life experience so I really hope to get lucky with a great job! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
5. And for my biggest news of the week... we bought a JEEP today! Yay! We bought a Jeep Patriot and I looooove it! Jarrett says it was made for me and that it fits me perfectly! I agree! I am so proud of us because this is the first time we have bought a car without one of our parents with us to do the talking for us. Buying a car is like playing a game of chess! You need to be ready to make a move when the salesman makes a move. We were ready. We were lucky because we had a wonderful salesman that didn't put us through any hoops. He really helped us instead of swindling us into a crappy deal. Now we have an Alaska vehicle that is four wheel drive and ready for winter. All we need to do next is get the truck ready for winter and then we will have two vehicles ready for the crazy winter weather!

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