Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Going away parties #2 and #3

My older brother is very special
So is my little brother. Special special boys!
Kelly and my dad. A bunch of sillies!
Husband and I being silly too
So, as you can see, my family is a bunch of nuts, but I would not have them any other way. Jarrett and I are from Maryland, so naturally we would have a huge crab feast before our big move. Going to Red Roost has been a summer tradition in our family ever since I moved to Virginia. Every summer when the crabs are perfect, Jarrett and I would come home for the weekend and we would do a big crab feast with my family and even sometimes Jarrett's family as well. The perfect way to end summer and the perfect way to send us off on the big move. We had the best time at our dinner with my family. The food was yummy, the crabs were fresh and meaty, and everyone laughed until they nearly cried. Both of my brothers had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. When you get both of them together, it's like a whole comedy show all in one. I love them both so much. It was also nice to have my mom, dad and my dad's girlfriend Kelly there. We all had a hoot together! My dad also gave us a card with some gift cards in it too. I love the fact that we received a lot of gift cards because we definitely used them. Gift cards are the best thing to have on a long road trip for sure. It was the best feeling to have everyone in my family together one last time for a while. I miss them all so much already and I cannot wait to feed them Alaska King crab legs when they come visit for the first time.
Not sure how, but I forgot to take pictures at our going away dinner with Jarrett's family,
so I will post these pictures of us at Christmas instead!
Jarrett and I with his sisters and the dogs at Christmas
Me and my sister in laws. Aren't they gorgeous? I am so lucky to have gained three sisters, especially growing up with brothers!
Our third and last going away dinner was with Jarrett's dad's side of the family at Backstreet Grill. It was myself, Jarrett, Jarrett's dad and step mom and Jarrett's three sisters. It was a wonderful time celebrating with more family. We had delicious food, funny stories, many more laughs, a going away cake for us and a gift bag full of snacks and treats for the road. We have the best families. It was wonderful to see Jarrett bond with his dad about the Air Force, golf, hunting and guns. When he visits for the first time, they are going to have a blast hunting, fishing and seeing all the beautiful things that Alaska offers. I had the best time bonding with my sister in laws. I love those three ladies as if they were my real sisters. I have been so blessed to marry into a terrific family that I love and they love me. Same for Jarrett! He loves my family and they absolutely love him. We are so lucky to have it both ways!

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