Saturday, August 31, 2013

Songs that got me through the drive/move

So, while on our drive, there were a few select songs on the radio that really stood out to me. Some are brand new songs and some are instant classics of mine. These eight songs below got me through one of the hardest and happiest times in my life.
Citizen Way-Nothing Ever Could Separate Us
-This is my most favorite song right now! Everything about it is amazing! More than anything this song is for my family and friends so that they never forget that no matter how far away I may be, nothing ever could separate us! The people I love are never too far away from me! They are only a flight away
Chris Tomlin- God's Great Dance Floor
-This is Chris Tomlin's newest song and I love it so much! I heard this song so many times on the drive here and I am so glad. God is always reminding me that he is right there with me through everything that I go through! My favorite lyrics in the song are when he says "let the future begin, I feel alive, I come alive, I feel alive on God's great dance floor." When I hear those lyrics I really do feel alive. Let the future begin!
Mandisa- Over comer
-Oh my goodness I love Mandisa! Ever since I saw her on American Idol I loved her. She has done some amazing work since being on the show. Besides loving her songs "Stronger", "Good Morning" and "Waiting for Tomorrow", her newest song "Over comer" is so motivational! I feel like I can overcome anything when I hear it! I strongly urge you to listen to this video. It is so powerful!
Brandon Heath- Jesus in Disguise
-This song has been out for a little bit so I have been listening to it way before we got our orders to Alaska. It talks about how Jesus is everywhere. He is in the people we love, he is in the sky, the trees, the mountains, the oceans, he is everywhere! I heard this song a couple of times while I was driving around the winding mountains. Those mountains made me so nervous at one point and then this song came on and I realized that God was with me on the winding drive. He was keeping me safe even when I was really scared of the drive. I pictured him in the mountains and I felt so much better!
Lady A- Goodbye Town
-This is Lady A's new song too and I felt like it described me during the drive. Small town girl leaving everything that she loves and knows. It just made me think about the first time I really left family and moved to Virginia. I thought that was hard enough. Now I really had to leave my friends and family to move to a big winter type city. Every time I heard this song on the drive I pushed myself to keep on driving. I was leaving those small town towns for something bigger and better for our family.
Lady A- Hello World
-Another great song from Lady A. I love them so much. This song has been around for a while now and it has always been one of my favorites. I felt inspired by it when I got married and graduated college and I feel very inspired by it now living so far away from so much. This move has been a huge chapter in my life. This move symbolizes a fresh start for Jarrett and I and it feels like a whole new world being here. Being sent here opens up many more doors for Jarrett and I in many different aspects. Here we are saying "hello world!"
Carrie Underwood- I Will See You Again
-Oh my goodness I love this new song of Carrie's. Every time I hear it I tear up inside. This song makes me think about my family more than anything. I miss them so much already and I have only been here for two weeks. I heard this song so many times on the drive and it just gets to me. This song reminds me and the people that we both love that we will not live her forever. This is not where it ends!
Darius Rucker- This
-Jarrett loves Darius Rucker and he always says that this song reminds him of us and our life. We both went through so much to be where we are now, to be to "this!" I think we can all relate to this song. If all of those bad and terrible things did not happen, then we would not be where we are today. We would not have all of the amazing things that we have today without going through those hard things in life. I had my heart broken many years ago, but if that did not happen, I may not have met Jarrett and I may not have the amazing life that I have now. Sometimes we just have to be blessed by the hard terrible things in order to be blessed by the bigger amazing things!
No matter what you are going through, I hope you find these songs just has inspiring and encouraging as I have!
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