Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend stuff and visits!

What an awesome weekend! My mom visited and my Ravens won the Superbowl! Take that all you haters and doubters! Oh, and take that all you mean Steelers fans! HA! Okay, anyways, my mom came to visit Friday night and it was so good to have her here this weekend with all the crap I've been dealing with. I'm okay now, but I was still a little bummed out by the trip not working out, so it was good to have some quality time with mom. I worked most of the weekend, but had Sunday off thank goodness!

Sunday, we went to church then the in laws came over for pizza and the Super Bowl with mom and I. Such an amazing game overall! I am so proud of my team and so proud to be a Ravens fan! We deserved this win so much and we got it!

Today, I finally mailed Jarrett's Valentine's Day care package! I am no longer a care package virgin! Haha! What an amazing feeling it was too! There is nothing like filling up a huge box with everything your husband loves and shipping it across the world to him! Now I want to send care packages all the time, and also to random soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq or to any other country!

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