Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blog help please!

So, I've been blogging for almost a year now and I still have NO idea what I am doing nor have the time to figure any of it out on my own! I hate asking for help because I always think I can figure things out on my own, but I really need help with this. It has been very hard for me to work on my blog because Jarrett has the laptop until his deployment is over. I barely have time to work at the library on this let alone job search at the library and since I can't get to the library, I have been limited to updating through my Iphone Blogger App which only lets you do so much!

I look at other blogs constantly trying to figure out how they made their blog so fascinating. I have no clue how to make it look personable yet professional or how to market it properly! I have no clue about html and codes. Even people that have been blogging less than I have have amazing looking blogs and already know what they are doing! Ahhhh this is driving me crazy! I feel like the only way I can make this blog look how I want it is to pay a professional to do it all for me! I do not want to resort to someone doing it for me so I will ask my questions below and hopefully one of my fellow kind bloggers will help a girl out! I hope I am not too annoying with all my questions!

1. Google Friend Connect: How do I get this on to my blog to gain followers? I have tried to set up an account before, but I'm not sure if I actually did it. I also want to know how to get the little link thingy on to my blog like everyone else has!

2. Pages: How do I set up a page for my about me and so on? I see everyone with cute links across the top of their page or on the side going down their page, and I want them on mine! Also, I notice some of you have a link to a certain page that shows you all the posts that you have labeled to that page (example: a page called Marriage that when you click on "Marriage" it takes you to every post with the word "marriage" in the label)! How do you do that too?

3. Marketing: How do I market my blog besides posting my links on Facebook? Should I create a Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram page for my blog? Hmmm!

4. About me section: How do I get rid of the standard Blogger About Me section and do my own custom one? How do I create a cute picture with an about me profile with cute wacky fonts?

5. Buttons: How do I create my own button? I want my own so bad! They are so cute and I want to see my button on other blogs!

6. Link ups: Can someone please explain link ups to me and tips to create my own link up every week?

7. Is everyone a natural graphic designer or are most of you just finding all of these graphics from blogs that offers tutorials? I want to create my own stuff and I want my blog to be completely custom by me, but I have not the slightest bit of an idea on how to do it!

Okay, I think that's all I have for now, so please comment below and help me come from an amateur blogger to a sophisticated experienced blogger! :)


  1. I have been blogging for like.. a minute.. so I have NO experience and so little to offer. BUT I can help you with your first question! When you go to your settings to update the template, go to "layout" and you will see options to "add gadget" .. click on that and you will see something like google friends or followers or something like that!! :)

  2. Yay well then we are in this together! Thanks for the help! :)


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