Monday, February 11, 2013

A home sweet home birthday!

Hi all! This weekend was my birthday weekend! Friday night, Leo and I ventured to Maryland for a long weekend with family and friends. It was a fantastic weekend. Saturday morning I got my hair chopped off, which feels amazing by the way, then I went to purchase my bridesmaid dress for Brooke's wedding and had lunch with mom at my favorite pizza place in the whole world, Delmar Pizza in Delmar, MD. So amazingly good.  Later on that night we all went out to dinner for my mine and my dad's birthday. My dad's is three days before mine so we usually do a joint birthday dinner too. I opened all my gifts that night which consisted of a Ravens Superbowl tee, a new Vera Bradley wristlet, some gift certificates and lots of moolah! Very happy girl right here! The next day was my birthday and it was simple and great. I went to church with mom, ate some sushi with mom and Matt, ran some more errands then later on we all went out to dinner again at Longhorn Steakhouse. After dinner I took Leo over to my dad's house so he could see him. Today I took Leo to the awesome groomers here called Michelle's Pretty Paws. He loved it and they gave him a Valentine's Day bandanna to wear. After I picked Leo up, I went by to see my pregnant best friend Erica and visit with her and baby Austyn. I felt her belly and Austyn kicked me. It was such an amazing feeling. Next weekend I will be coming back for the baby shower of which I will be doing a post on the shower and baby shower ideas.
Go Ravens!!!!! I will wear it proud!
 I loooove my new wristlet and it matches my purse! :)
 My cake and cupcakes that mom got for my birthday!
 My delicious Blackberry Sangria from Longhorn Steakhouse!

In a couple hours Leo and I will be heading back to Virginia for the week. I'm not really looking forward to driving back, but I'll be back next weekend and before I know it, February will be over and Jarrett and I will have reached the half way point in his deployment. Between working so much, staying busy at home and taking trips back and forth to Maryland, time will fly by and April 30th will be here! :)
Here's a little something for your week ahead!


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