Saturday, September 15, 2012

My "off" day!

Okay! Today was definitely not my day. Either I had a spastic "off" moment or something would just irritate the crap out of me. Whatever it was, it wasn't my day for sure. I swear I walked under a ladder this past week or something.

At our Hallmark store we have a gourmet candy case built in between our registers. I had a customer come in and she wanted $1.50 worth of chocolate covered raisins, so I had to go to the back room to get them. Now, we have tons of boxes of candy back in our back room, so sometimes you have to move boxes around to get to what you need. In this case, I had to move a box of chocolate covered almonds to get to the raisins. Just my luck, the lid on the almonds was not on all the way and when I went to move them, the lid fell off and the box fell spilling the chocolate covered almonds EVERYWHERE! Awesome. My manager Diane comes over and pretty much almost falls on the floor laughing, so I didn't feel too bad about it. It was pretty hilarious now that I think about it. That was nothing though compared to what happened on my lunch break.

So usually on Saturdays we order in for lunch. Today we ordered food from this awesome Pizzeria down the road called Anna's. So yummy! We all eat lunch in our little office room which doesn't have much desk space at all. We also love to have a couple votives burning in their too to make the back room smell yummy at all times. So I'm eating my stromboli when I see a huge flame coming up at me. Yes. My paper towel had caught on fire. Awesome. Just awesome. What do I do? I freeze! Then I literally freak out yelling "omg, omg, what do I do, omg, omg"! Like an idiot I throw the flaming paper towel down and start stomping on it melting the bottom of my shoe in the process. Thankfully Diane was in the back room doing a little organizing and heard me freaking out. She ran over and threw water on the paper towel and the fire finally went out. Whew! I wanted to cry so bad because I was so frustrated at myself.

After the incident, Diane and I cleaned up the mess I had made and we ate our lunch. Randomly while we ate, Diane just busted out laughing again. I then busted out laughing myself. Sometimes that's all you can do when you mess up. Instead of getting mad at yourself, just laugh. Laugh really hard too. Laugh until you feel tears coming. It sure made me feel better. We've all had those days though. There's nothing you can do to avoid them. As cliche as it sounds, you just have to roll with the punches and pick yourself back up again.

Then, as if today's incidents weren't enough, I had to sit in traffic for an hour on my way home because the stupid Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel was closed going Eastbound. Seriously? What takes me literally seven minutes to get home took me an hour. All I wanted to do was get home. When I did get home, I had a handsome husband and an adorable puppy waiting for me. Bad day over!


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