Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall/Halloween decor happiness!

Woo hoo! My fall and Halloween decorations are up! This makes me happy on so many levels! This is my favorite time of year. Yes, I love summer as much as you all do, but I love fall even more. With the beginning of fall comes Ravens football, cooler temperatures, bonfires, fall show premieres, jeans, uggs, hoodies and much much more. September through December are my favorite months of the year. When I can put my fall decor up, all is right with the world according to my book.
So here is our townhouse all decked out for fall and Halloween with most of everything coming from Michael's:
 When I was putting away my fall decorations last year, I thought of the idea that next year I should put up fall leaves over the dining room. I got the idea from my dad. Every fall he puts up leaves above the opening to his kitchen. It looks amazing. This year I decided to do the same and I absolutely love it, especially with my red berry wreath in the middle. It's a great idea if you have a wall like the one I have. I'm already thinking about putting garland up there for Christmas. Stayed tuned for the Christmas/Winter decor post coming in a few months.
Here is the coffee table centerpiece I made. I already had the vase, rocks and red berries, so all I needed extra were the flowers and ribbon. All and all I would say that it would cost you a total of 10 bucks to make this. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
The TV stand. I love having decorations on our TV stand especially since I have so much room to work with. I love to do my own little combinations of decor. Here I bought a couple of fall ceramic baking dishes of which I laid a couple of fall gords inside them. They look so cute. Although they look cute, I may actually have to use those ceramic baking dishes to make pumpkin bread in the near future. That may be a future post as well.
Computer desk. I put out some cute little flower arrangements that I got on sale at Cracker Barrel and some of my fall Yankee candles. I then got a couple of Halloween figurines from Michael's to give it some spooky flare.

These are my end tables. No matter what season it is, I always have a little arrangement on my end tables. Love it!

Both bathrooms. My upstairs bathroom has more of a country flare to it so I always incorporate spiced cinnamon type scents and light/dark brown colors into it. The above picture is of my tart burner which is burning pumpkin spice, and of my sparkling pumpkin hand sanitizer. My downstairs bathroom is a summery combination of beachy/sandy scents along with light colors throughout. To mix the beach scene with the fall scene, I put in a creamy pumpkin candle and creamy pumpkin hand sanitizer to match. I love Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers. They are amazing and amazingly cheap at 5 for $15. I usually have a stock pile of them. Don't judge me! ;)
Kitchen. This is my kitchen window seal. I have a couple of pumpkin spice candles from Bath and Body Works on there and some fall figurines much like the Halloween ones on the computer desk. As far as candles go, I have always been a Yankee Candle fan, but Bath and Body Works always runs really good deals on their candles. Sometimes you can even get their large ones 2 for $20. Awesome deal. Their candles possibly smell better than Yankee! :)
Patio. Aside from the dirty patio table, I put out a cute pumpkin centerpiece along with some shimmery pumpkins and coasters with leaves on them. So cute!
Now all I need are some fall mums and carved pumpkins for my porch and I'll be all set!
Happy fall and happy decorating,

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