Friday, September 14, 2012

No makeup Monday!

I'm usually never home during the week days, so I don't get to watch my daytime shows that often. This past Monday I just happened to be off work so I was able to watch my shows such as The Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful, The Talk and Ellen. That Monday also happened to be the season premiere of all the talk shows, so of course, they were all awesome episodes.

The Talk really stood out to me because they did something that you've never seen on Ellen, The Revolution, The Chew or even The View. For their season three premiere, all of the hosts did the whole entire show with NO, yes I said no, makeup on. It was simply amazing to actually see them come out on stage with not a smidgen of makeup on. Nothing. And I must say, they all looked fabulous!

Celebrities live their lives in the spot light, constantly having their pictures taken, constantly in a magazine, constantly having others judge them left and right about what they look like. We base our judgment of them on how well their hair looked in a specific photo, how well their makeup looked, how well they wore that dress. Now magazines are always posting articles and pictures of celebrities that they caught with no makeup on like it's a sin to have nothing on your face. It's ridiculous that we judge those celebrities because we saw a sneaky picture of them with nothing but the skin God gave them.

Yes, I love make up and I feel much better about myself and my image when I wear it, but we as women do not need it to be truly beautiful. I praise the ladies of The Talk for doing what they did. As celebs it could not have been easy to do a live show with absolutly no make up on. I literally would have freaked out if it were me going on TV with nothing on my face.

What was even more amazing was that they had the whole entire audience with no make up on and even their guest came out with clean faces. Plus everyone was on the show in nothing but white robes. It was adorable! They had Jamie Lee Curtis come out and then at the end of the show, they had three of my favorite soap opera stars come out with no make up. As leading ladies, those actresses are always so beautiful and glamorous on their shows. They are leading examples of beautiful women on TV. That day, they all looked gorgeous as ever with nothing on.

All and all, it was a pretty eye opening show. Below is a little video of the ladies chatting it up about the episode.


Heres to being comfy in our own skin,

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