Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Home sweet home!

This past weekend we finally got to go to Maryland. We had not been since we got Leo three months ago, so it was definitely time for a trip home. Jarrett's leave had started and I actually had a three day weekend so it all worked out pretty well. We also took Leo with us because we want him to get use to my mom's house again, plus it's so fun when him and Sophie are together. We also want him to get use to longer car rides. He actually did pretty good on the ride there considering it is three hours long. I figured he would whine the whole way, but nope, didn't hear a peep out of him. That was definitely nice for a change. It's nice to know we can take him on a long car ride without him whining or getting car sick.

We left Friday night after I got off work and stayed till Sunday evening. It was a short weekend, but it was a great one. My younger brother's birthday was Saturday, so we spent most of Saturday doing celebratory things with him and my family. Later that night we all went over to my dad's house and he cooked a huge dinner like he always does. Of course, it was fabulous. He also made peach cobbler and key lime pie for dessert. Can you say heaven? I swear that day felt like Thanksgiving. It was such a good feeling to be around my family again. Three months was a long enough time for me to be away from them. I know I won't always be this close to home so I have to cherish it while I can.

Sunday, Jarrett stayed home with the puppies while mom and I went to church. It felt awesome to be back at my old church again. It was a great service by Pastor Martin. I could listen to his messages all day long. After church Jarrett met mom and I at Lombardis for some delicious lunch, and I got to stop into mom's Hallmark to do a little shopping. I bought another bead for my Pandora bracelet and a couple pairs of adorable Periwinkle earrings. So happy. We then left Maryland around three for the drive back to VA. Leo, once again, slept most of the way.

Cheers to perfect weekends with family and puppies,

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