Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our drive to Alaska part 3

Part three of our trip begins with us finally getting to the Alaska Highway. It was time to break out the good old Milepost guide for the rest of the trip. At this point, we were at our half way point of the trip. The rest of the way is all Alaska Highway that starts in British Columbia, Canada and ends in Tok, Alaska. Driving the Alcan Highway was probably the hardest of the drive. It was also the most beautiful and exciting part of the trip. We were a little nervous about this highway because there usually aren't many gas stations are places to stop. Well, we felt a lot better when we realized that the highway had been built up a lot. There were plenty of gas stations, rest stops and most importantly, pet friendly hotels for us to stay in. Some hotels were very nice and some were basically a hole in the wall, but we were just thankful to find a pet friendly place to stay! 
At first, driving through Canada was boring. There were flat lands and it really did not look much different from America. Although I still did get beautiful pictures all through Canada, it was a bit boring there for a while. Once we got onto the Alaska Highway, we would notice small mountains, then some bigger mountains and then HUGE mountains. Then before we knew it we were driving on those mountains and driving on the side of them going down hill. Talk about scary! The first time I drove around a winding down mountain I almost hyperventilated! Jarrett literally had to calm me down because I was so nervous and I would freak out! He was completely calm every time he drove down or up a mountain. It got to the point where he decided to do most of the driving so I didn't have to worry about driving down and up a mountain again. I eventually got to the point where I did not want him doing all the driving even though he did not mind. I wanted to conquer my fear of those mountains and I did. I ended up driving more and more during the rest of the trip and before I knew it, those mountains were no big deal.
Then there was the wildlife that we saw. No, we did not see any bears and we have not seen any yet since we got here, but I'm sure they will be out soon! Yay! Not! Anywho! One of our driving days we ran into a lot of moose and mountain goats. I was a little scared at first, but all we had to do was slow down and wait for them to pass when they were in the road. Other times they were just on the side of the road hanging out, so that wasn't too bad. At one point I looked and saw bison and what I saw looked exactly like a picture in The Milepost book. It was the funniest thing! I was seeing an identical scene from the book right before my very own eyes. It was so amazing! For some reason, the bison did not scare me. They were so awesome to look at. All of the animals were. Once I got through the mountains and the animals, I didn't feel so nervous anymore. I felt like we could drive anywhere and face anything after all that!
Our first night on the Alaska highway we stayed in a little city called Fort Nelson. The only good thing about that little town was that they had an A&W right by our hotel! So yummy! By this point on the drive, we decided to drive one long day and then a short day after that and we kept switching off doing a long day then a short day and so on! It was nice to get a ten hour day out of the way, but then it was even nicer having a short five to six hour day the next day! This tactic seemed to work better for us and we still made great time!After Fort Nelson, we stayed in a really cool town called Whitehorse! We stayed in a really neat Best Western hotel there too. They had those bowl sinks in their bathrooms and they were so awesome looking! Ha I know, it doesn't take much to amuse me! We almost wanted to stay an extra night in Whitehorse because there was so much to do and it was absolutely beautiful there, but we decided to keep going! We had planned to take our time on the drive, but we just got to the point where we really wanted to get to Alaska!

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