Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our drive to Alaska Part 2

Our day off in North Dakota on day five was so perfect. We slept in until about 10:30, lounged around the room for a couple hours and then got ready to roam around town all day. We found the Air Force base in Minot and took a couple pictures as we drove by it. We then found this awesome store called The Boot Barn where you could buy any and all types of cowboy boots and outdoors boots. Jarrett and I have been saying for the longest time that we wanted to buy some legit cowboy boots and we finally did! After we bought our boots we did a little more grocery shopping then grabbed lunch. We then came back to the hotel and did a ton of laundry. It felt so good to get caught up on laundry especially when you are traveling. The only bad thing about doing laundry was having to jam pack our suit cases again. I'm pretty sure I brought way too many clothes with me, but hey what's a girl to do when she is traveling across the country for two weeks then probably living in a hotel for another month (or so we thought then)? Yep, I packed a ton. After doing laundry, we basically just relaxed some more in our hotel room. Out of all the hotels that we stayed in, this one was my favorite. I could have taken another day off just to sleep all day in that room, but we really needed to get going again.
Once day six came around, we were well rested and ready to cross the Canadian border! We were about an hour from the border where we stayed the night, so it didn't take long at all to get there. Before we went through the border, we decided to stop at a Duty Free station to exchange some our our currency for Canadian currency. I'm not gonna lie, it felt so awesome to spend Canadian money the first time. I even felt cool exchanging our money when the clerk handed me the Canadian money the first time. I know, what a nerd I can be. It is just so neat to me to have money from another country and see how different it is from your own money even if it is the same amount of money. Canadian bills are so neat. Okay, enough with the Canadian money! So, after we exchanged our money, it was time to head through the border. I was pretty nervous because sometimes Jarrett and I have really bad travel luck. Lets just say that we have had two failed honeymoons and we have still yet to have one after almost four years of marriage, but that's a story or blog post for another day! Basically, we seem to hit disaster all the time. I just knew in my mind that somehow there would be a problem getting into Canada and I was right!
We pull up to the gate and of course the guy asks us a ton of questions with his straight forward face and attitude. Border patrol make me so nervous and he kept staring at me all weird like. We then think we are good to go until he ask if there are any fire arms in the vehicle. Of course, we know you cannot bring fire arms into Canada and we did not. We had all our guns shipped with the rest of our belongings. I'm not sure how, but the fact that our guns were shipped with our stuff did not set well with this officer. He needed all of our proof from the moving company that our guns were shipped and then proceeded to ask us more questions regarding the guns even after we showed him everything that we needed. Finally, he got so frustrated with us that he just let us through. It was the weirdest thing. It didn't make sense to me. We did not have the guns on us, but that did not seem enough. He didn't even ask about Leo being in the car. He was so concerned with the whole gun thing. Oh well though. We made it through Canada and that was all the mattered to me at that moment. I can't even imagine all the things that we would have had to do had we not made it through Canada. That would have thrown off our whole entire plan, but we were very blessed in that moment.

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