Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall decor and new home ramblings

Although this is the same Fall decor that I had last year in our Virginia home, I feel like it is all new stuff when I see it in our new home. I have a much bigger house to decorate now and I feel like I barely have enough stuff to decorate for Fall, but here it is and I still love it! I will probably buy a little more stuff a little at a time to fill the house up with seasonal decorations, but for now this works for me. It has pretty much felt like Fall ever since we got here and I have been dying to put my Fall stuff out ever since we got into the house. Yesterday we also finally finished hanging all of our pictures and although I still have some bare walls, I feel so content knowing that we are fully unpacked, every room except the two empty guest bedrooms and family room is done, all the pictures are hung and the Fall decor is out. Slowly but surely our house is coming together. As soon as we moved in, I knew that we wouldn't have enough stuff to fill it up. That bothered me. We still have tons of furniture and tons more wall art to buy, and it bugs me knowing that it will take time to buy everything and have this house complete. We still have a complete family room to buy furniture for. We have never bought our own furniture. Our furniture now that is in our living room was given down to us from my older brother when he bought his first house and bought all brand new furniture for it. We have been so lucky to have his furniture the last four years, but it has now seen better days. Leo has made holes all over it and chewed up all the pillows to the point we threw them all out. It is reaching its end.
With this being said, we basically need to purchase two living/family room sets. After buying a brand new car, this complicates things. We also need to set up guest bedrooms. Everything in our master bedroom is from my old white wicker bed room set that I basically grew up with. We want to move all of the white wicker furniture into one of the guest bedrooms along with our queen size bed. That takes care of a guest bedroom and then we can buy ourselves a really nice kind size bedroom set. We also have a third bedroom, but I think we are going to leave it empty. You never know what we'll need it for in the future! ;) So basically, furniture wise, we need new living room furniture, family room furniture and master bedroom furniture, not to mention more wall art and accent pieces! Where do we even begin? I have no idea how to buy furniture or where to even begin to put the finance part together! Buying a car seems so much easier! I guess our best bet is to just focus on buying one room at a time. Making a house a home takes time and I need to learn to be more patient with the process. I just think back to when Jarrett and I first got in the town home in Virginia and how little we had at first. We had just gotten married and barely had money to buy home decor. Some how, we made it work. In three years I was able to turn our little adorable town home into a real place to call home. I will continue to do that in this new home too. With patience and guidance from our Lord, this home will become a home.

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