Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Five

Okay, I have definitely been slacking on the Friday Five front, but I am back today with a little highlight of my busy week! Hope you all are having a great week! I feel like it flew on by!

1. Snow on Monday. Yes, we had snow on Monday here. In the middle of September. So weird, I know, but that is Alaska for you and I have to get use to it! Although Jarrett and I both love snow, we were very weirded out by the fact of snow in September. The girls at work tell me that the real snow starts in October, so we need to go ahead and prepare ourselves already! Craziness!
2. I upgraded my phone finally and got an iPhone 5! So far I love it and I love the Otter box case I got for it! I hate that those cases cost so much, but they are amazing! The defender series also came with a built in screen protector which I really need since I am always scratching my screen! All together I really like the phone even though it's bigger than my old iPhone and even more bigger with the case on it! I kind of like that it's bigger for some reason!
3. With the iPhone 5 comes panoramic view with pictures! I LOVE it so much! I love being able to fit so much into a picture! This picture of my living room looks so cool being able to fit everything in the whole picture! What's really awesome about panoramic view is that you can get really good pictures of groups of people too! Everyone can fit in the picture without someone getting cut out accidentally! I just love it! I now want to take every picture like this!
4. This week was one of my favorites because all of my Fall shows started up again! Well, with the exception of The Walking Dead which comes back in October! Monday it was Two Broke Girls and How I Met Your Mother, Thursday was Glee and Grey's Anatomy and Sunday Once Upon a Time and Revenge come back with a new show Betrayal premiering afterwards! I cannot wait! I love my Fall shows!
5. Halloween is coming up and Jarrett and I are still thinking about finally getting Leo a costume! Since we actually live in a neighborhood where there are tons of kids that will be trick or treating, we thought about sitting outside to hand out candy and have one of us hold Leo in a costume while the other hands out the candy. I guess you will just have to stay tuned to see if we dress him up or not! Also, see those cute little Halloween pumpkins below? I stepped out to go to the post office real quick and I came home to one of them gone. I then looked all over for it and found it behind the couch! Silly Leo must have taken it! HA!
So, how has your week been? Any favorite Fall shows?
Do you live somewhere like me that may be getting snow soon?
How are you getting ready for Fall and Halloween?

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