Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's letters

Dear hubby, I am so proud of you for working so hard at your new job! I'm so glad that you like it and the people that you work with! It also does my heart good to see you so happy here in Alaska! Seeing you live this dream out makes me so happy and because you love it here, I do too! I love you! Dear Leo, You have been the cutest thing today walking around and following me as I clean the house! Thanks for being such a good boy and not attacking the swifter duster too! Dear iPhone 5, I freaking love you! I hate that Verizon had to be a pain and it took forever to get you activated, but now that you are officially mine, I love you! Dear panoramic picture option, You are so awesome! I keep taking pictures of my house while using you because you make my pictures look so amazing! Plus you fit everything I want in the picture! So cool! Dear moose, Where have y'all been lately? You haven't been visiting our neighborhood and we are starting to become offended! I mean, our neighborhood is called Moose Crossing for a reason, yah know!
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