Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter everyone! Hoping that everyone had a fantastic weekend and an Easter Sunday full of worshiping, family and delicious food! I know I sure did! My weekend started out with my mom arriving Thursday night. Jarrett and I usually come home for Easter weekend, but because I couldn't get out of working Saturday, mom came to visit instead. Friday, my mom and I spent the day in VA Beach. We shopped and got some adorable stuff at Kohl's, ate a yummy lunch at Kelly's Tavern and then looked at crazy expensive puppies from Pet-Go-Round. Oh, but they finance for the military! Yeah okay, they are still expensive as heck! Anyways, we still got to play with a couple of our favorite puppies, dachshund's and pugs! Yay!

This visit has made me want a dachshund even more now. We will probably get a miniature dachshund this summer if I can find one in our area for a decent price! So excited!

It was very much a Good Friday! Saturday I worked all day and then came home to Jarrett and Mom wanting Cracker Barrel. I was so tired, but who really passes up Cracker Barrel? Not this girl! I could literally eat there everyday. When you're a country girl, you just can't pass it up!

Easter Sunday consisted of an amazing church service at Northside Christian Church. We have been going there for about a month, and now my mom was able to experience it as well. She really loved it! I knew she would. It's kind of blurry, but here is a picture of the stage with the praise band singing. Their praise band is phenomenal! Absolutely phenomenal!
After church, my mom, mother in law and I cooked an amazing Easter dinner consisting of a huge Honey Ham, green bean casserole, scratch mashed potatoes, corn and crescent rolls with Boston creme pie for dessert. It was yum yummy and we are all completely stuffed!

I am ending the day watching The Masters with the family and looking at this adorable face!


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