Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Selfless instead of selfish!

You know that little saying that everything happens for a reason? Well my mom is always telling me that God works in mysterious ways. My mom is so right. God does everything for a SPECIFIC reason. Yesterday, I was just casually looking at my bank accounts and credit card account on my phone. My credit card is a USAA rewards credit card so I obtain points for all of my purchases. When I hit a certain amount of points with my card, the points can be redeemed for money that can either be put into my checking or savings account. The amount to be redeemed was a little over fifty dollars. I could really use that extra money, so with the click of a button, the money would go straight in to my checking account. I felt so blessed to have that unexpected money.
Immediately I thought about a couple things that I could buy for myself instead of just keeping the money in my account. I'll admit that I can be very selfish at times when it comes to buying things for myself. I buy way too many things for myself that I don't necessarily need. There is nothing wrong with spoiling oneself every now and then, but sometimes I go overboard. I ended up on finding myself so close to buying a couple pairs of moccasin flats that I had been eying for a month or so now. Something in my head told me not to. I closed the Target website and went on Facebook instead of buying the flats.
When I got on Facebook, I saw something that my friend Whitney had posted. She had shared a link about a friend of hers, Emily, that had lost her husband, 1LT Stephen Chase Prasnicki, in Afghanistan just eight months after their wedding. This immediately grabbed my attention, so I clicked on the link. I was then able to read a little more about what the website was all about. Chase's wife Emily had started a care package drive in honor of her husband so that care packages would go out to all of the men in Chase's platoon. What an amazing thing for her to do to carry on her husband's memory. Her Facebook event for the cause also had a website on it where you could go to donate money towards the care packages. I had to do something. I went to the page and donated half of the money that I had just unexpectedly received. I could not just sit there and do nothing. This military wife had lost her husband. Her story broke my heart. After hearing her story, all I wanted to do was give Jarrett the biggest hug and kiss and just hold him forever. I am trying to help with this cause in any way that I can and I also ask of your help. Please go to Emily's Facebook event link here to find out about her care package drive. If you can help at all please go here to donate how ever much you can.
After I donated to her cause, I decided to put aside the rest of the money I had received to put in the offering plate at church on Sunday. I find myself struggling with offering sometimes, and my mom is always telling me to give until it hurts. I'm working on giving until it hurts and I hope to get better at it over time.

So instead of going out and buying new shoes, I was able to use that money to donate to a cause very close to my heart and put offering in the plate for Sunday. It is an amazing feeling when God calls us to step up to the plate and do his work. I received so much joy from using that money for others instead of myself.
Heres to being selfless instead of selfish,

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