Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Okay! I am finally done with all my decorating and the decorating of the tree. I am really happy and excited with how everything turned out. I still have a lot of Christmas decor that I couldn't put out because I have no room to. I guess that makes it all the better to have this excess stuff for when we have a big home some day.
Our dining room.
 I am obsessed with the adorable reindeer that I got at Michael's!
Our garland. Goes well with our red wreath.
Computer desk. Snowmen!!!
TV Stand with The Family Man playing in the background.
End table with a baby tree.
Another end table with a baby tree.
Can you tell I love Christmas trees?
I will have three regular size trees some day.
You can count on that!
New stockings hung on the stairs.
 I couldn't wait to do Leo's!
 The kitchen with our stockings hung from last year.
 Kitchen oven decorations.
 Christmas cookie jar.
 Bathroom hand towels. Love!
 Of course I cannot live without my
Bath and Body works antibacterial soap and candles.
These are A MUST in my household!
 Jingle door knob for both bathroom doors.
New Barbie ornaments!!!
I love them so much.
Ahhh I'm such a dork, I know!
More new ornaments! Yay!
New picture frame ornaments. This is happening!
Front door wreath.
Patio table.
Reindeer flag. I love this so much.
Welcome to Christmas at the Hayman's! And my foot.
Hope you enjoyed and happy decorating to you all,

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