Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life lately and weekend stuff!

Sorry I haven't updated in about two weeks, but life has just been so hectic with all the Christmas shenanigans going on. We are opening earlier at the store every day until Christmas so I have been working more than usual, plus it has been crazy busy like usual around this time of year. I work a normal eight hours and come home to no energy to do anything, especially sitting down to write in this blog. I have been trying to push myself to write, but there has been so much going on. It's a hectic time of year for everyone, but it is also a happy time of year nonetheless. In the midst of all the Holiday frenzies, we did find time to have fun at the store by doing a tacky sweater contest. I have never done a tacky sweater contest before, so you can bet that I was excited and ready to create some awesome sweaters. Any excuse to do any kind of craft, I'm all over it. I did two sweatshirts and a sweater vest. Below are my three creations:
Since we did the contest all week, I just rotated between all three sweaters instead of doing seven different sweaters. We set up a ballot box for our customers to vote as well. Although I did not win, I did at least come in third place. Yay me! My co-worker Brittany won with her awesome "Letters to Santa" sweater. She put a felt Santa mail box on the back of her sweater, wrote letters to Santa with her left hand to make it look like kids had wrote the letters and hot glued the mail box and letters all over the back of her sweater. In the felt mail box, she set up blank notes and a pencil so customers could write down their wish list and she would glue them to the sweater. Talk about amazing, right? Why didn't I think of that? :)
Brittany and I in our sweaters.
 Showing me the back of her sweater.
I was a tad bit jealous, plus my sweater makes me look huge!
 Letters to Santa.
 Our manager, Diane, all decked out for Christmas.
Yes, this is exactly how we feel after a long, crazy, busy day!
Nap time please?
As far as my weekend plans went, I had a nice relaxing weekend while also getting a lot done. Last week, Jarrett had exercises on base, so he was on a 5am-5pm work shift all week. Although he had to work a crazy long shift all week, I can't say is wasn't nice to have him home during the evening time even though Leo had to be home all day by himself. This was the first time that Leo was at home ALL day without anyone being able to come home and check on him. To my surprise, we had no issues at all. Our little boy is growing up so fast.
Friday, Jarrett and I went grocery shopping after work then we came home and cooked burgers on our awesome George Foreman grill. They were delicious! Saturday night we had our date night. We went to Cinebistro for dinner and to see The Hobbit. Jarrett has been dying for this movie to come out and even though they aren't my favorite movies, I went and saw it with him anyway. Sunday we went to church with the in laws then I finished our Christmas shopping and started on all the wrapping. It feels so great to be done with all the shopping and wrapping. Saturday night we are going home for Christmas and we have to go back Christmas night because I have to work early the next morning. I am so ready to load up the truck with all the presents and Leo, and just hit the road for a few days.
Monday, we had Leo neutered! :( Poor little guy was so tired and exhausted. We did end up getting him an e-cone because he kept licking his incision, but he's doing much better now. He is already getting back to his normal self, but we still have to watch him and not let him play and run too hard. I will take any advice or pointers that any of you have also. I have been worried about him ever since we got home from the SPCA clinic. I am just so worried that he'll keep trying to lick his incision and it end up getting infected. I am also worried about bringing him around Sophie this weekend. I'm pretty sure by Saturday he'll be able to be around other dogs, but it still worries me that he'll play too rough and open the incision site or make it infected. Hoping for good healing thoughts for him. I feel like such a mom right now!
Leo as soon as I put him in his carrier to go home. Sweet boy!
Silly boy stretching after sleeping literally for five hours after the surgery!
Leo in his e-cone. He actually doesn't mind wearing it!
Hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas coming up!
Seven more days!!! :)
<3 Katie

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