Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend stuff

Hello everyone! I am back with some weekend things for you! Friday was a long and busy day at work for me with it being the first of the month and all. The first and middle of the month are our busiest times at the credit union. Hmmm I wonder why? Anyways, Friday was a long day and when I got home I was so exhausted! I spent my evening playing with the pups and catching up on my soap operas! Jarrett usually gets off early on Fridays and he did this Friday as well! I love when he gets off early because I do not get to see him very much during the week.

Saturday, I worked all day and then Jarrett took me to get sushi for dinner. I have been craving sushi all week and we decided to try this place called Samurai Sushi. Omg it was the best sushi I have ever had! So delicious! After dinner we were craving milkshakes for some reason so we ended up going to our favorite ice cream place, Marble Slab Creamery, to get cookies and cream milkshakes. Nothing like sushi and milkshakes to make your Saturday night, right? After dinner and dessert, we went home and played with our new desktop computer. It feels so good to finally have a good computer and a desk top nonetheless.

Today was grocery shopping and cleaning day. We slept in this morning and it was amazing! Any chance I have to sleep past 7 is amazing and I take full advantage of it. We both slept until 10 and then I went and got us breakfast. After breakfast, we got ready and headed to the commissary. Man that commissary was busy as usual. The best part of our grocery shopping trip was getting to purchase Girl Scout cookies. They were selling them right outside the commissary. We were so happy to finally get our Thin Mints! After we got home and put all the groceries away, it was time to clean. Jarrett actually had to go to work at five for a few hours so it was a good time to get the house all cleaned up. While I cleaned I watched The Oscars. Since they were live, The Oscars came on at 4:30 our time! It was a little weird to be watching an awards show in the afternoon. I also got laundry done today amongst the grocery shopping and cleaning. Whew I am exhausted as usual!

I am hoping to have some exciting weekend things for you soon. Jarrett and I have been so busy with errands on our days off that we have not had much time to do Alaskan stuff such as skiing, snowboarding, visiting glaciers and day cruises. We have not had much time for anything fun really. We've gotten to site see a little bit here and there, and take the puppies on walks around the base, but we haven't gotten to work on our bucket list. Jarrett leaves next week for Florida for work for two weeks and when he gets back, he'll be on leave for three weeks and my mother in law will be here for a week and a half. I am so excited and I cannot wait to do all kinds of Alaskan things while the hubby is on leave and while the MIL is here!
For your week ahead, I will leave you with the cutest puppy butt ever. This little butt was the first thing I saw this morning when I woke up. Priceless! 
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