Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five

Man this week has been a long one! I cannot wait to have Sunday off so that I can spend some time with Jarrett before he leaves for Florida this week! He'll only be there for a few weeks, but I still get sad when he leaves. At least when he comes back, it will almost be time for my mother in law to fly out here! So exciting! Okay, now on to Friday five! Hope you all had an amazing week! 

1. Wednesday we got more snow. Total, we probably have three feet of snow still on the ground from the past three to four months. I have gotten so use to all the snow that once it melts away, it will be hard to get use to seeing grass again. I have to admit though. I have become a pro at driving in all this mess. If you really know me, you know that I use to have the biggest fear of driving in the snow due to my car accident in the snow when I was sixteen and had just gotten my license. I was scared to drive in snow for many years after the accident. I promised myself that when we got to Alaska, I would put my fears behind me and learn to drive in it again. I mean, I didn't have a choice. It snows all the time here and I had to learn to drive in it. I couldn't have my husband driving me around everywhere. I had to be brave. Now, driving in the snow is like second nature. Thank goodness for that!
2. These are my dogs after work almost every day. I come home and I know they need to go potty, but all they want is a good belly rub before going out. Leo actually likes to have his belly rubbed, be held for a little and then taken out to go potty. Now, Lucy does the same thing. I'll open the door for them to go out and she'll roll over just like her brother. This was them Thursday night. Leo rolled over and then Lucy did. If it was up to them, I would pick them both up and take them outside. Nope. They are not spoiled at all. 
3. This week I did my first order of the Plexus Slim pink drink. I will be doing a more in depth post later on about this company, but for now I will just share a little. Plexus is a weight loss company that originally started out to help diabetics and pre diabetics lose weight and manage their diabetes. Now they have products that not only help diabetics manage their sugar levels, but their products are now tailored to help everyone lose weight. Now, I have always been a relatively petite girl and whenever I talk about wanting to lose weight or wanting to eat healthier and get back to the gym, everyone thinks I'm crazy! I might have always been small, but that does not mean that I cannot stand to lose a few pounds here and there. 

Since moving to Alaska, I have gained about 10lbs. That's a big deal to me. Everyone is all like "10lbs is nothing" and "you are still so small." This is all I ever hear. I have been hearing a lot about Plexus Slim and what it has done for some of my friends. Everyone that I know that has used the products has had amazing results. The pink drink is what I ordered and I cannot wait to get it in the mail and start the process to lose those 10lbs and get healthier. 
4. So, I have my certain shows that I have always watched from day one. Grey's Anatomy is one of those shows that I have always been obsessed with ever since it started. If you watch it as much as I do you were either excited about the season premiere or sad about it. Spoiler Alert! April left Matt at the alter for Jackson. At the end of the premiere they showed that April and Jackson actually got married. I was sooooo excited to see that they got married! I have loved them as a couple from the very beginning and always wanted them to be together. I love when couples go through so much and end up together in the end. 
5. I have also become a little obsessed with Scandal! Yeah I know, I love way too many TV shows. Jarrett makes fun of me for all the shows I watch too. I can't help myself though. I am a drama lovin', soap opera watchin' type of girl and I always have been. So, Scandal is addicting. Olivia and Fitz are amazing together. Mellie is gorgeous even though I hate her sometimes. The show is just pure crazy half the time and I love it. It is typical political drama at its finest and I cannot help but watch it and love it. 
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  1. When I moved to Vermont, it felt like Winter lasted forever and I gained weight as well because I was always inside! Ugh. Thankfully here in England, we haven't had any snow.


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