Monday, May 7, 2012

Visits and things I'm excited for!

So as I said before, my mom would be visiting soon! She came down Thursday night and left this afternoon, and now I'm sad again! haha! Yeah I know, what a baby I can be. Oh well. My mom and I had a great time as we always do. We don't even have to do a lot of stuff and we have a great time together. I feel very blessed that I have a mom that can just up and take time off of her extremely busy work schedule to come spend time with me. I am also very thankful to have such an amazing relationship with her. I seriously have no clue how I am going to deal with being away from her if we get stationed far away, but I'm sure I will adjust. I adjusted to living three hours away and if I have to, I'll adjust with living farther away. Hopefully I won't have to. Hopefully Jarrett and I will be in Virginia for a very long time. I've grown quit comfortable of this whole living three hours away from family and friends thing that I don't want to give it up. Anyway, with the summer coming to a start, there are a select few things I'm looking forward to besides a million visits from friends and family:

1.) Jarrett's trip back home this weekend: Yeah I know he has only been gone for two weeks, but come on ladies, you know you can't stand to be away from the man you love for more than a second, so I will miss him as much as I want until he gets home. I don't care how long he leaves me, I miss him always.

2.) Getting to meet Leo for the first time and bringing him home: I have a couple of days off in a row coming up soon, so Jarrett and I are going to plan a little Maryland trip in the middle of May to officially meet our mini doxie Leo! On June 1st, he will be eight weeks old and ready for us to bring him home finally. I'm so ready! This has been the longest month and a half waiting to bring him home.

3.) Family camping trip to Cheerystone in June: So my dad has taken my brothers and me on a camping trip every summer since we were little. Actually it has been a few years since we have done our annual camping trip, so now it's time to start up the tradition again. It's been hard to get everyone together for a trip since we are all grown up and lead very busy lives. I can't wait to go to the pools, play tennis, go fishing, crabbing and bike riding.

4.) The opening of our pool in June and beach days with friends: I love our pool and I cannot wait for it to open again. I've stopped going to the tanning bed because I spend way too much money on it, so I am going to get the sun for free this summer. I also cannot wait for many beach days with my Virginia girls. Last summer I literally went to the beach like twice. This must never happen again. I have grown up living near a beach my whole life and basically living at the beach every summer, so needless to say, last summer was not my favorite summer. I think it was because I still didn't know too many people in Hampton. Now that I have some amazing new friends here, I will have the wonderful beach days that I'm use to again.

5.) The possibility of a little getaway with my hardworking husband: Jarrett has so much personal leave that he needs to take by the end of October, so we are hoping to plan a little vacation for the end of the summer. Jarrett's trip to Texas has thrown a lot of ideas around, so I'm hoping we can figure out where to go soon. I could surely use some alone time with him.


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